Acursed "Livet Ar Den Langsta" LP (INFO, Swedish Hardcore, Putrid Filth Conspiracy Recs) $10.00
Acursed / Fallout Split LP (>INFO, Swedish Hardcore) $10.00
Anarcrust - Coalescence - LP (INFO, Skuld Version, Orange Vinyl Limited to 504 Copies) $10.00
Anger of Bacterias "Death Chants" Gatefold LP (INFO, 1998, Ruination Recs) $6.00
Arkhon Infaustus "Hell Injection" LP (INFO, Rare, Osmose Records, 2000) $30.00
Artimus Pyle "Civil Dead" LP (INFO, Prank Records) $7.00
Assfort / Chaos U.K. Split LP (INFO, Rare Japanese Import) $18.00
Bathory "Epicus Dominius Satanikus" LP (INFO, Black Vinyl version. Total pressing of 350, Fan Club Edition) $40.00
Bathory / Venom SPlit LP (INFO, Fan Club Release. Ltd to 300 copes and hand numbered) $20.00
The Black Hand "War Monger" LP (INFO) $6.00
Black Market Fetus "Midwest Meltdown" LP (INFO, #79/1000 Special Canvas Cover Edition) $9.00
Blood Sucking Freaks "Abismal Bloodsoaked System" LP (INFO, SOA Recs Italy) $9.00
Bombraid "Destinations" LP (INFO, Malarie Recs Poland) $8.00
Bombstrike "Kaos Och Djavulskap" LP (INFO) $10.00
Brujeria "Se Busca Singles Collection" LP (INFO, Rare) $50.00
Built on Blood Compilation LP (INFO, Rare, Misery, Filth, Jesus Chrust, Etc) $15.00
Carcass "Nottingham Rock City 11-14-1989" LP (INFO, Fan Club Edition, Grey marble vinyl) $30.00
Carcass / Napalm Death Split LP (INFO, Fan Club Release, Clear splatter vinyl ltd to 20 copies, Corners are bent from bad packaging from Brazil) $50.00
The Cars "Candy-O" LP (INFO, 1st Press Canada) $5.00
The Cars "Door to Door" LP (INFO, 1st Canada Press) $4.00
The Cars "Greatest Hits" LP (INFO, 80s Synth / Rock. Great condition for its age) $5.00
The Cars "Heartbeat City" LP (INFO, Gatefold, 1st Canada Press) $4.00
The Cars "Panorama" LP (INFO, 1980, 1st press Canada) $5.00
The Cars "Shake it Up" LP (INFO, 1st Press) $5.00
The Cars "s/t" LP (INFO, 1st Press Canadian Press from 1978) $5.00
Centinex "Decadence "Prophecies of Cosmic Chaos" LP (INFO, #209/ 666) $15.00
Cephlotripe / David Koresh Choir Split LP (INFO, I think this is $258) $6.00
Cluster Bomb Unit "Die Stationen" LP (INFO, Tribal War Asia Records 2001) $8.00
Coma "s/t" LP (INFO, Swedish Hardcore) $6.00
Contropotere "Il Seme Della Devianza" LP (INFO, Rare, 1991 on Skuld Records) $25.00
Contropotere "Nessuna Paura" LP (INFO, Rare as hell, LP cover has some minor ring wear and some wear on corners and edges. This is the self released 1990 version) $30.00
Dark Funeral "The Black Massacre" LP (INFO, Fan Club Edition, corners bent a bit from bad shipment from Brazil, Ltd to 308 copies) $15.00
Dellamorte "Uglier and More Disgusting" LP (INFO, $407/1000, Rare, Swedish Hardcore / Metal) $12.00
Despite "The Destroyers Will Be Destroyed" LP (INFO, WI Crust Punk) $5.00
Disassociate - Controlled Power - LP (INFO, NYC Grindcore) $8.00
Disrupt "Strip Mine Contamination" LP (INFO, Fan Club Release on black vinyl. Total pressing of 500, Split 7"s and LP material) $25.00
Disrupt "Strip Mine Contamination" LP (INFO, Fan Club Release, Salvation Edition Limited to only 25 copies) $40.00
Dissystema "The Grim Prospects of Our Future" LP (INFO, Swedish Hardcore) LP $7.00
Dodsdomd "Sammhallets Fiender Nummer Ett" Gatefold LP (INFO, Swedish Hardcore) $10.00
Fleas And Lice "Recipes For Catastrophies" LP (INFO, Black Vinyl, 2001, Skuld Records) $6.00
Guided Cradle "s/t" LP (INFO, Sealed) $7.00
Huey Lewis & The News "Fore!" LP (INFO, Great 80s rock, 1st Pressing) $4.00
Iron Maiden "s/t Killers" LP (INFO, 1980, Spine wear and blowout) $20.00
Jonny Cash, Linda Ronstadt and Roy Clark - A conert Behind Prison Walls LP (INFO) $3.00
Krigshot "Orebro-Mangel" LP (INFO, Swedish Hardcore) $20.00
Looking For An Answer "Buscando Una Respuesta" Gategold LP (INFO, Spanish Grindcore) $10.00
Madness "Keep Moving" LP (INFO, 80s Rock / pop) $2.00
Madness "Michael Caine" LP (INFO $1.00
Madness "Tomorrow's Just Another Day" LP (INFO $1.00
Meanwhile "Same Shit New Millennium" LP (INFO, Swedish Hardcore) $10.00
Men At Work "Business As Usual" LP (INFO $1.00
Metallica "Master of Puppets" LP (INFO, 1986 version, Cover and insert are in roughish condition with some spine blower and ring wear, minor skips on LP)$12.00
Misery Index "Overthrow + Bonus" LP (INFO, Green Vinyl, Soulreaper Recs) $20.00
Morbid Angel / Possessed Split LP (INFO, Fan Club release ltd to 307 copies) $25.00
Motherfuckers "We're Fucked" LP (INFO, 90s Super Non PC Hardcore on Beer City Records) $12.00
Necrophagia "The Divine Art of Torture" LP (INFO, 1st Pressing, rare, import from Europe) $20.00
Nile - Amongst The Catacombs of Nephren-Ka - Picture Disk LP (INFO, Ltd to 1000 and rare) $20.00
Nile "Black Seeds of Vengeance" Picture Disk LP (INFO, Picture Disk) $20.00
Onslaught "Power From Hell" LP (INFO, Fan Club Pressing, Peachish Color vinyl) $20.00
Pack / SOL Split LP (INFO, $6.00
Parish / Gate Split LP (INFO, #21/200, Awesome Stoner Crust from Wisconsin, Members of Wartorn and Deathwish) $8.00
Petrograd "ABC" LP (INFO) $10.00
Petrograd "Nineoneone" LP (INFO, $6.00
Petrograd / Daddy Longleg Split LP (INFO $6.00
Post Regiment "s/t" LP (INFO, 2000, Polish Import) $8.00
Proof of Existence "Scriptual Disaster" LP (INFO, Putrid FIlth Conspiracy Recs) $6.00
Public Enemy "It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back" LP (INFO, Ltd 2000 Reissue Series) $12.00
Ratos De Porao "Carniceria Tropical" LP (INFO, 1999, Hard to find. Alt Tenticles Recs) $22.00
Ratos De Porao "Sistemados Pelo Crucifa" LP (INFO, Hard to find) $22.00
Raw Noise "System Never" Gatefold LP (INFO, Japanese Import, MCR Records, Unplayed) $15.00
Raw Noise "The Terror Continues" LP (INFO, Distortion Records, Green Splatter Vinyl) $15.00
React "Deus Ex Machina" LP (INFO, Great Minneapolis Crust Punk) $8.00
React / Spazm 151 Split LP (INFO) $8.00
Religious War "Cracked System" Gatefold LP (INFO, Grey Marble Vinyl) $8.00
Retaliation "The Execution" LP (INFO, Awesome Grindcore) $13.00
Retaliation "Violence Spreads Its Drape" LP (INFO, Awesome Grindcore) $10.00
Rod Stewart "Greatist Hits" LP (INFO, No Joke... The party doesn't start till you bust this shit out to your friends. haha) $1.00
Rotten Sound "Consume To Contaminate" LP (INFO Power It Up Records) $12.00
Rotten Sound "Cycles" Gatefold LP (INFO, Black Vinyl, Ltd to 500) $20.00
Rotten Sound "Drain" LP (INFO, 1999, SOA Records) $20.00
Rotten Sound "Under Pressure" LP (INFO, #493/600, Rare from 1998. Repulsion Records, Minor corner bending on bottom) $25.00
Satyricon "Protect the Wealth of the Elite" LP (INFO, Ltd to 300, Recorded live in New York April 3rd 2000) $25.00
Six Feet Under "Warpath" LP (INFO, 1st Pressing, 1998, Rare) $68.00
Skitkids "Skitfucked By The State" LP (INFO, 2003, Plague Bearer Records) $15.00
Soilent Green "A Deleted Symphony For The Beaten Down" LP (INFO, Mint, Unplayed and sealed till I just opened it up to see the color of vinyl. Vinyl is Green.) $30.00
Soulcraft "Absolute Suspicion" LP (INFO, Japanese Hardcore, Vinyl edition of CD released on Blood Sucker Record from 2003) $8.00
Tomorrow "Chiedi Troppo" LP (INFO, Answer Records, Japanese Hardcore from 2004) $10.00
Twenty Third Chapter "An Eden For the Machines" LP (INFO, Awesome heavy downtuned crust from 1999) $4.00
U.Y.S. "Zodiac" LP (INFO, Hardcore, Doom Metal from 1995 on Maximum Voice Recs) $5.00
Uncurbed "Punks On Parole" LP (INFO, Swedish Hardcore) $10.00
URBNDK "Innocent Victims" LP (INFO, Wisconsin Crust from 1997, Beer CIty Records) $6.00
Victims "In Blood" LP (INFO, Black Vinyl) $8.00
Village People "s/t" LP (INFO) $1.00
Vital Remains "Dawn of the Apocalypse" LP (INFO, Rare, Osmose Productions, #232/1000) $45.00
Vulgar Pigeons "Summary Execution" LP (INFO, Purple Vinyl) $5.00

All Lps are now listed. No more will be added.