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Anti Cimex - Victims of a... / Raped Ass - CD (INFO)$13.00
Amebix - Make Some Fucking Noise - CD (INFO)$13.00
Arch Enemy - Wages of Sin - CD (INFO)$4.00 (South Korean Import from 2001, Park Records)
Ascendancy – Rise Of A Dead Empire - CD (INFO)$0.50
Battle Royale - Nichts Geht Mehr - CdEp (INFO)$0.50
Carcass "Choice Cuts" CD (INFO) $7.00
Carcass "Swansong" CD (INFO, Russian Import) $7.00
Centinex "Diabolical Desolation" CD (INFO, Canlelight Records) $3.00
Crowbar "Lifesblood for the Downtrodden" CD (INFO, $5.00
The Crown "Crowned In Terror" CD (INFO) $5.00
The Crown "Deathrace King" CD (INFO) $5.00
The Crown "Possessed 13" CD (INFO, Deluxe edition with 2nd bonus disc) $7.00
Defacto Oppression - Screen Symphony Suicide - CD (INFO)$0.50 (Wisconsin Hardcore Punk, Released in the year 2000)
Dimension Zero "Silent Night Fever" CD (INFO, 2001, Regain Recs) $3.00
Dimension Zero "This Is Hell" CD (INFO, 2003, Regain Recs) $3.00
Fantomas - The Directors Cut - CD ( INFO)$5.00 (2001 Version)
Forced To Decay "s/t" CD (INFO) $0.50
Franz Nicolay / Major General Split CD INFO) $0.50
Iskra / Against Empire Split CD (INFO) $3.00
Soilent Green - A Deleted Symphony For the Beaten Down - CD (INFO)$5.00 (2001 Version)
Soilent Green - Confrontation - CD (INFO)$5.00
Soilent Green - PussySoul - CD (INFO)$5.00 (Cutout, Barcode has hole punched in it)
Souless - Agony's Lament - CD (INFO)$0.50 (Awesome Swedish Metal)
Wurdulak / Gorelord Split CD (INFO)$2.00 (Death Metal)

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