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Arch Enemy "Anthems For Rebellion" (INFO, 1st Edition with CD and DVD) $5.00
B.U.S.H. - New American Century CD (INFO, 625 Thrash Recs) $1.00
Bathory "The True Black Essence" (INFO, Fan Club) $12.00
Battle Royale - Nichts Geht Mehr - CdEp (INFO)$1.00
Beyond Description "Calm Loving Life" 3" Mini CD (INFO, Rare Mini Cd on Forest Recs Japan, From 1997) $6.00
Beyond Description / Jilted Split CD (INFO) $4.00
Black Dahlia Murder "Unhallowed' CD (INFO) $5.00
Black Market Fetus "Midwest Meltdown" CD (INFO) $4.00
Bloodbath "Breeding Death" CD (INFO) $6.00
Bombraid "Elegies From A Closed Chapter" 3" Mini CD (INFO, Rare mini CD from 1995, Swedish Hardcore, Crash Mag Recs) $6.00
Brainoil / Creuvo Split CD (INFO) $6.00
Bread And Roses - Deep River Day CD (INFO,Rodent Popsicle Recs) $1.00
Can Kickers -Live At Lavazone CD (INFO) $1.00
Cannibal Corpse "Tomb of the Mutilated" CD (INFO, Russian Import) $6.00
Carcass "Choice Cuts" CD (INFO) $9.00
Carcass "Swansong" CD (INFO, Russian Import) $10.00
Carcass "Wake Up And Smell the Carcass" CD (INFO) $8.00
Centinex "Bloodhunt" CD (INFO) $5.00
Centinex "Decadence - Prophecies of Cosmic Chaos" CD (INFO, $6.00
Centinex "Diabolical Desolation" CD (INFO, Canlelight Records) $5.00
Cerebral Turbulency "Germ of Error" CD (INFO, Grindcore like Nasum) $3.00
Costas Cakehouse / Biceptasaurus Split Cd (INFO) $1.00
Crash And Burn s/t CD (INFO, Popsicle Recs) $1.00
Crowbar "Lifesblood for the Downtrodden" CD (INFO, $7.00
The Crown "Crowned In Terror" CD (INFO) $7.00
The Crown "Deathrace King" CD (INFO) $8.00
The Crown "Eternal Death" CD (INFO, Bonus Multimedia video) $12.00
The Crown "Possessed 13" CD (INFO, Deluxe edition with 2nd bonus disc) $10.00
Cryptosy "Blasphemy Made Flesh" CD (INFO, Century Media Recs) $8.00
Cryptics (the) s/t - CD (INFO, Subterranean Records) $1.00
Damad "Burning Cold" CD (INFO) $10.00
Dark Funeral "In the Sign" CD (INFO, Necropolis Records Version) $10.00
Day of Mourning "Your Future's End" CD (INFO) $5.00
Day of Mourning / Clenched Fist Split CD (INFO) $5.00
Deathwitch "Monumental Mulilations" CD (INFO, Necropolis Records) $10.00
Deathwitch "The Ultimate Death" CD (INFO, Necropolis Records) $10.00
Deathwith "Violence Blasphemy Sodomy" CD (INFO, Earache Records) $8.00
Deicide "Scars of the Crucifix" CD (INFO) $10.00
Deicide "Serpents of the Light" CD (INFO, 1997 version) $10.00
Dellamorte "Everything You Hate" CD (INFO, 1996 Finn Records, Rare Swedish Hardcore) $13.00
Destroy "Necropolis" CD (INFO, 1995, Sound Pollution Recs) $8.00
Dimension Zero "Silent Night Fever" CD (INFO, 2001, Regain Recs) $5.00
Dimension Zero "This Is Hell" CD (INFO, 2003, Regain Recs) $5.00
Disassociate "Controlled Power" CD (INFO, 1996, NYC Grindcore) $8.00
Discharge "Never Again" CD (INFO, Reciever Recs, 1998, 3 bonus songs and 6 pg booklet, comes with slipcase) $9.00
Discharge "Why" CD (INFO, Comes with slipcase, Has 12 bonus tracks, 2004) $9.00
Dispense "In The Cold Night" CD (INFO, Rare, 1994 release, Really Fast Recs) $10.00
El Banda "Przejdzie Ci" CD (INFO, Members of Post Regiment, Polish Punk Rock) $3.00
Entombed "s/t" CD (INFO, 1997 release) $6.00
Entombed "Wolverine Blues" CD (INFO, 1993 version) $7.00
The Epidemic "s/t" CD (INFO, Rodent Popsicle Recs) $1.00
Exhumed "Slaughtercult" CD (INFO, Special Saw Blade CD Version) $10.00
Exodus "Another Lesson In Violence" CD (INFO) $6.00
Eyehategod "Southern Discomfort" CD (INFO) $10.00
Eyehategod "Take As Needed For Pain" CD (INFO) $7.00
Fear of God "First EP" CD (INFO, Grindcore, 2003) $10.00
Flesh Parade "Kill Whitey" CD (INFO, 1998 Relapse Recs, Grindcore) $6.00
Fleshrevels "Stoned And Out" CD (INFO, Rare, Finn Records, 1995 release) $10.00
Forced To Decay "s/t" CD (INFO) $1.00
Forward "While You Alive" CD (INFO, 1998, HG Fact Records) $8.00
Four Monstrous Nuclear Stockpiles "Give Peace a Chance" CD (INFO, From 2000, Dbeat) $4.00
Franz Nicolay / Major General Split CD INFO) $1.00
G-77 "Peine De Vie" CD (INFO) $1.50
Ghoul "Maniaxe" CD (INFO, 1st Press on Razorback Recs from 2003, Grindcore) $10.00
The Gits "Freching the Bully" CD (INFO) $5.00
The Gits "Seafish Louisville" CD (INFO, Legendary Seattle punk / rock. Singer was murdered) $5.00
God Dethroned "Into the Lungs of Hell" 2xCD (INFO. 1st Press from 2003) $6.00
Gorelord "Force Fed On Human Flesh" CD (INFO, 2001 Baphomet Recs) $5.00
Gorelord "Zombie Suicide Part: 666" CD (INFO2003, Season of the Mist Recs) $5.00
Gorelord / Wurdulak Split CD (INFO, 2001, Red Stream Records) $4.00
Guignol "Drink The Best Wine First" CD (INFO) $1.00
Hellchild "Bareskin" CD (INFO, 1st Press. Japanese Metal, Very minor surface scratches on cd) $5.00
Hellchild "Circulating Contradiction" CD (INFO, 1997, 1st Press, Japanese Metal) $5.00
Hellchild / Kilara Split CD (INFO, 1997, 1st Press) $5.00
The Holy Mountain "Bloodstains Across Your Face In Decline" CD (INFO) $4.00
I Adapt "Sparks Turn To Flames" CD (INFO, Reality Records Belguim, 2003) $1.00
Inane "Kill 'em & Grill 'Em" CD (INFO, Per Koro Recs Gemany) $1.00
Inner Terrestrials "X" CD (INFO, Rodent Popsicle Recs) $1.00
Jerry's Kids "Kill Kill Kill" CD (INFO, 2002, Tang Recs, Awesome Hardcore punk from 80s) $8.00
Karst "Receive the Void" CD (INFO, Members of Damad) $4.00
Karst "Vision of Insane Hope" CD (INFO, Members of Damad, Hater of God Recs) $4.00
Kylesa / Cream Abdul Babar Split CD (INFO, 2003, Hard to find) $6.00
Lariat "Means of Production" CD (INFO, From year 2000) $1.00
Leng Tch'e "Death By A Thousand Cuts" CD (INFO, Rare 1st press version, 2nd version was edited due to copyright issues) $7.00
Lost "Fear Strach" CD (INFO, Awesome Stoner sludge metal) $3.00
Malicious Hate "In the Name of Hate" CD (INFO, Super Rare death metal from 1996, very rare) $12.00
Meanwhile "The Road To Hell" CD (INFO, 1st Press from 1996, We Bite Recs) $6.00
Meische "Shipwrecked In A Bottle" CD (INFO, Fistolo Recs) $1.00
Mesrine "Going To The Morgue" CD (INFO, 1st and only press from 2001) $6.00
Misery Index / Commit Suicide Split CD (INFO, 1st Press, Willowtip Recs) $5.00
Misery Index / Structure of Lies Split CD (INFO, 1st press from 2003. Deep Six Recs) $7.00
Motorshagenservice "Du Habt Gottes Sagen" 3" Mini CD (Rare, German Grindcore like Terrorizer, From 1997, S.O.A. Recs) $4.00
Murdered Cop "The Grinding Poverty" CD (INFO, 2002, Distortion Recs, Rare) $6.00
Napalm Death "Breed TO Breathe" CD (INFO, 1997, Earache Recs) $4.00
Napalm Death "Enemy of the Music Business" CD (INFO, (Disk has some scratches that shouldn't hurt play but there is scratches on it, 2001, Spitfire Records) $4.00
Naught In the Misery "Overflow" CD (INFO, 2006, MRC Records) $3.00
Paganizer "Dead Unburied" CD (INFO, Swedish Death Metal) $5.00
Paganizer "Murder Death Kill" CD (INFO, Swedish Death Metal) $5.00
(The) Profits "Profit Over People" CD (INFO, Rodent Popsicle Recs) $1.00
Rasta Knast "Baneira Pirata" CD (INFO) $1.00
Raw Noise "The Terror Continues" CD (INFO, Rare 1st Press from 2000) $8.00
React / Broken / Boiling Man Split 3 Way CD (INFO) $5.00
Reality Crisis "Open the Door and into the New Chaotic World" CD (INFO, 2003, Answer Recs, Rare) $10.00
Refuse Resist "Mind Yourself" CD (Rodent Popsicle Recs, I can't find a link for this one) $1.00
Retching Red "Scarlet Whore of War" CD (INFO) $1.00
Rise Above "I Love To Relax" Mini 3" CD (INFO, Japanese Grindcore on 625 Recs from 2001) $6.00
Rise Above "Sound Systematic Grind" CD (INFO, Japanese Grindcore from 1999, Eclipse Recs) $6.00
Rotten Sound "Under Pressure" CD (INFO, 1st Press from 1997, Repulse Recs, Rare) $16.00
Rotten Sound / Unholy Grave Split CD FLAT (INFO, Ltd to 1000 on MCR Records) $7.00
Rum Rebellion / Hammered Grunts Split CD (Rodent Popsicle Recs, I can't find a link for this one) $1.00
Sanitys Dawn "Chop Chopper" CD INFO, 1st Press, 2001, Awesome Gore Grind) $4.00
Seven Foot Spleen "Enter Therapy" CD (INFO, 1999, Tee Pee Recs) $3.00
Slight Slappers / Short Hate Temper Split CD (INFO, 1998, Rare on Sound Pollution Recs) $4.00
Soilent Green "Sewn Mouth Secrets" CD (INFO, 1st Edition from 1998) $4.00
Splitter "En Sorglig Historia" CD (INFO, Amazing grindcore from Czech Republic. Check it out here $6.00
Stormcrow "Enslaved In Darkness" CD (INFO, Brutal Crust) $4.00
Talk is Poison "s/t" CD (INFO, Awesome hardcore / crust) $3.00
Tommy & The Terrors "13 the Hard Way" CD(INFO, Rodent Popsicle Recs) $1.00
Totalt Javla Morker "Manniskans Ringa Varde" CD (INFO, Swedish Hardcore from 2004 on Distortion Recs) $6.00
Toxic Bonkers "Seeds of Cruelty" CD (INFO, Polish Grindcore) $1.00
Transgressor "Recollected Limbs" CD (INFO, 2001, Rare Japanese Death Metal, Bloodbath Recs) $7.00
Unkind "Mieliemme Tuhkasta" CD (INFO, 1st Press from 2002, Swedish Hardcore, Yellow Dog Recs) $4.00
Uphill Battle "s/t" CD (INFO, Relapse Records from 2002) $1.00
Uranus "To This Bearer of Truth" CD (INFO, Rare from 2004, Crust / hardcore) $4.00
Unruh "Setting Fire To Sinking Ships" CD (INFO, 1999, Pessimiser Recs) $4.00
Virulent Strain "Torture Tools" CD (INFO, Rodent Popsicle Recs) $1.00
Voracious Soul "Adrenalin Storm" CD (INFO, 2001, MCR Records Japan) $1.00
Walls of Jericho "All Hail the Dead" CD (INFO, Awesome hardcore / metal) $3.00
Wurdulak "Ceremony In Flames" CD (INFO, Death Metal from 2001) $4.00
Wurdulak "Severed Eyes of Possession" CD (INFO, Comes with slipcase for offensive cover) $4.00
Wurdulak / Gorelord Split CD (INFO, From 2001, Red Stream Recs) $4.00

This complete the used CD listing.