Updated on June 19th 2024 (Very few items are left)

I don't really need the money so that’s the price I’m willing to get rid of each item for. It's time for me to find a new home for these items as they will be more appreciated by you than by me storing them for another 10 years.

To order these you can only send cash / money order and send cash via paypal.com.
If you pay with cash or money order I will only hold your items for 2 weeks.

To place an order you must tell me what you want to order. Also include your name, address and let me know if you want Media Mail (1-3 weeks in the USA) or Priority mail (A few days).

If you are from outside the USA I’ll tell you the cheapest method to get the stuff shipped to you. To order or ask questions email me at orders (at) cahrecords.com