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Profane Existence Magazine (23/03/2008)
This Cd originally appreared in 1997 and has been reissued by Nick from CAH Records. The 16 tracks offered here come blazing out of your speakers at a frantic pace. This is some heavy as fuck Swedish hardcore! The short but sweet lyrics are spat out at us by Cliff's gruff and intense growly vocal chords. The only complaint I have with this release is the front and back cover art, you'll have to see it for yourself and decide what you think about it.

Ken Ciderpunk - USA
Driller Killer “Fuck the World” CD (26/03/2007)
This is DRILLER KILLER's third release. It is as file of bile and contempt for the world as the first two releases. And the motor charged soundtrack that accompanies their mantra of the fucked is even heavier and more evil sounding than their past outings. Their music is based around d-beat, but DRILLER KILLER's sound is filled out with metal. There is so much metal on this recording that it was originally released on Osmose Productions a label out of France known for releasing what is being referred to as extreme metal. You know death metal, black metal, and gothic metal. And although the chugging metal riffs and the excessive soloing are found on "Fuck the World" there is song called "Blind Naked and Covered with Shit" which totally makes fun of black metal. And I quote "You burn churches you paint your face spend x-mas at moms what a fuckin disgrace." It reminds me of the poseur baiting that used to go on in hardcore back in the mid-80's. Anyway DRILLER KILLER has one foot planted in the metal realm and one foot in the hardcore realm. Chugging riffs and black metal vocals on the one side with Swedish crust and burning spirits guitar soloing on the other. Either way you look at it DRILLER KILLER take the heaviest elements from both genres to create their sound.

Stephe - Canada
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