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Consistantly Brutal (11/05/2010)
I've never heard 3 bands mesh so well on on one disc before. They all have their own style, but that style is brutality. You'll kick yourself if you don't get this disc.

MoeThirteen - Wisconsin
www.blistering.comreview part 1 (25/06/2010)
[8.5/10] The latest release from underground independent label Crimes Against Humanity Records is a three way split release between Desolate Void, The Last Van Zant and newcomers The Parish.

Desolate Void is the first to get the album underway, which is not all that surprising given that bassist Nick Carroll happens to be the founder of Crimes Against Humanity Records, and the band have two prior releases through the label (2006’s Self Medicated Psycho Therapy and 2008’s No Sign Of Better Times).

“13” opens up Desolate Void’s setlist, and pretty much lays down the template in regards to what you can expect from their five offerings, which is fast, loud and dirty thrash ‘n’ roll with a dooming/sludge-like influence throughout. Although the band’s songs are far from groundbreaking, the sheer brutality of the song’s delivery, and the subtle catchiness of the melodies contained within the tracks (in particular “Reburn”, the scathing “Broken Bones And Bullet Holes” and the thick-set groove of “Expect the Worst”) all add up to a hell of a fun listen, in a destructive sort of way.

- - Earth
www.blistering.comreview part 2 (25/06/2010)
Next up is four piece act The Last Van Zant who inject a bit more of a punk/hardcore vibe into their metallic/rock sound. The contrast between the intelligible vocals and The Last Van Zant’s punchy and aggressive sound is definitely a plus for the band, with the off kilter drive drums of “Way of the Future,” the primitive blast of “Standing In Blood,” the slower-paced “War All The Time” and the catchy rush of “Born Of Death” are definite standout selections. Based on the six tracks on offer here, The Last Van Zant prove they’re a band that’s well and truly on the rise, and who’s future is burning bright.

Finishing up the split is The Parish who make their debut on this release with two songs (“Suffer and “Dark Days”) that push their Black Sabbath-like doom aspects mixed with death metal into darker regions than most.

The Parish more than manage to impress, with their use of sludge-like atmospherics (especially on the vocal and guitar fronts) balanced well with their cleaner elements within their whole sound. Again, The Parish is another band to keep an ear out for.

Sometimes, split releases can be a bit of a mixed bag, with some band’s contributions towards the said release coming across as far superior to others. But this release really is something different, with all three bands matching one another in terms of quality.Overall, if you have even the vaguest interest in any of these three acts, this is a must-have release.

- - Earth review part 1 (21/06/2010)
After being on the Crimes Against Humanity label for some time, Desolatevoid decided to release a three way split compiliation with fellow bands The Last Van Zant and The Parish. As a result, Desolatevoid got the first five tracks, Van Zant the next six, and The Parish the final two. While it seems like a heavily uneven distribution of play time, one only needs about two tracks for each band to get a feel of what they are all about. While all playing extreme metal with no real difference in overall sound, the production levels certainly change up the playing field and deliver three types of grueling, crushing metal.

- - Earth review part 2 (21/06/2010)
Desolatevoid perform a style of groovecore, grindcore, sludge metal. The music is raw with the guitars having plenty of a rock n' roll vibe with the vocals a high pitched, annoying squeal. The drums blast away with the guitars and overall the production gives the feel of a very live atmosphere to enjoy. Tracks like "-13" are aggressive with layered vocals- that don't really help much- and a definite intensity. Other tracks such as "Ungrateful Bastard" are a little more laid back with more groove to them, but still intense. Suddenly around "Expect The Worst," the music shifts, especially when it comes to the vocals. They deepen into a more gutteral roar mixed with the screams while the music holds the grindcore groove mixed with rock vibe. Overall, mostly for the sludge grindcore fans.

- - Earth review part 3 (21/06/2010)
The Last Van Zant are more of a gritty thrashcore band. Most of their music is based on intense shouting in the vein of Slayer along with slower, more harmonized riffs. The music is gritty, but holds plenty of catchy riffs. Tracks like "Dog From Hell" are intense in the way the drums just hammer away with the guitars and bring back memories of the 80s thrash music. "Standing In Blood" is a bit slower in tempo and is more intent on steamrolling the listener rather than a full on face pummeling, but there's a section involving a hardcore based chorus that add a little more flavor the music to the least without ruining it too much. And of course, "Born Of Death" is so thick with distortion it muddles all the exciting catchiness that the band had to offer just a few tracks ago, save for the vocals which are still shouted clearly.

Finally there's The Parish, which really turn the distorition levels up and the tempo wayyy down. They perform a sort of slow, churning death metal. It's very different from the other bands' music because it's a lot slower and the distortion level is so high that it actually makes the music fade in and out. Vocals are a deep, doom-death based growl with the guitars playing very repetitve riffs, save for a few interspersed solos along with the plodding drums. Somehow it is all still very groovy. There's only two tracks, but both sound the same, with "Dark Days" being much more distorted and crushing than "Suffer." Overall it's a very evil mix that is certainly worthy of being called death or doom metal, and a good closer to the split altogther.

- - Earth review part 1 (21/06/2010)
This 3 headed beast offers listeners a diverse spectrum of down-to-earth, doom and blues inspired music that plays like a good story with a definitive beginning, middle and end.

Opening up this release is Crimes Against Humanity Records boss Nick Carroll and his Sabbath-spawned Desolatevoid who set the standard with 5 upbeat tracks that contain only the most essential metal and blues components. While the vocals are far from melodic or haunting, the guitar work is superb, the drums stay busy and the riffs are monstrous. I especially like a guitar solo that switches tones halfway through and in this case, Desolatevoid delivers by taking a warm solid body lead and drowning it yet another layer of fuzz-pedal-ecstasy. What these guys lacked in terms of setting an oppressive or ‘desolate’ atmosphere they made up for in simply kicking your ass with old school rock and roll driven madness.

The next perpetrator is South Carolina’s The Last Van Zant who toe that ever shifting line between metal and punk/hardcore/whatever…consider them for several genres, in the event you are keeping score at home. What matters is that the intelligible vocals are more aggressive than they are monotone and the simplicity of the music is widely appealing and favorable out of sheer familiarity. I’m not saying these guys sound like 50 other bands…they don’t. What I am saying is the guitar riffs do more with less and take me back when all you needed to know was how to palm mute and play a minor pentatonic scale…that is where the ’simplicity’ ends. The song structures punch and kick their way through the pits and give no hint as to their next attack. Additionally, the live sound of their recordings complete with back up vox give The Last Van Zant an added angry push over the edge, removing any motive indicating that the murder was pre-meditated.

- - Earth Review part 2 (21/06/2010)
Putting a more epic end to this release is Wisconsin’s The Parish. Contributing two tracks for a total of 15 minutes, The Parish forsake the earlier themes of blast beats and over-the-top song progressions for mood, idea development and sheer groove. The atmosphere of these songs drift from pale atmosphere into a dark pit and emerge enraged, ready to bang heads and snap necks. Regardless of what genre or cliq you may try to align yourself with, the stomping, epic anthem of the 10 minute ‘Dark Days’ brings out the metal warrior in all of us and for that alone, we give praise. It is one of those songs that you hope never ends but when it does, there could have been no better way to bring an album to its end.

All in all, the 13 tracks of Desolatevoid/The Last Van Zant/The Parish have their ups and downs…literally. From groove to doom, stoner to drone and everything in between, this 3 way covers more ground than most of its kind. I grow tired of using such genre labels, so to put it simply, its fucking cool…the amount of diversity will allow for many listens over a long, long time.

- - Earth review part 1 (5/10/2010)
A new found buddy of mine sent this my way to review, he usually sends me the black and death stuff but along comes this sludge three-way that he felt I might like and I was sold after skimming through the Desolate Void tracks. 30 Seconds was all it took to convince me that this was one of those audio stains that I didn’t want to get out of my brain. No pussy grass stains (unless we’re talking about a different type of grass): this one is blood, sweat, mud, and beer; the true markings of the sludgehead.

In the Desolate Void tracks, all five, there is nothing but fast paced endorphin raging: Acid Bath/EyeHateGod/Black Tusk/Black Cobra, screeching and growling over a fist clenching storm of blazing fast riffs and bar room brawl inducing metal here. Southern Fried and greasy, steaming and dripping with the stench of horrid heat, hangovers and one hell of a wild night out, don’t blame me or these guys if you go ape-shit under the influence of this stuff, we warned you. With tracks titles like: “Broken Bones and Bullet Holes”, “ Ungrateful Bastard”, “Expect The Worst”, “ Unburn”, and “ 13”, you can’t go wrong here.

Janet - USA review part 2 (5/10/2010)
The Last Van Zant is another high-speed and low-end distorted obliteration of your senses through trench warfare in a pit. You can smell the BO, feel the boots in your back and the feel of someone’s face going into your fist as you spin around in a drunken frenzy that’s worth the bruises and possible broken bones (whether they’re your or not). This band brings the energy and addictive rhythms of the great bands mentioned above already. “Standing in Blood” really brings me in with the phrase, “Don’t mind me…Standing in Blood”, that alone makes me want to swing and go hog wild and blitzkrieg on everything around me. Another six tracks of solid adrenaline and drunken anarchy, approach with caution.

Now for the last two essential contributions to this split, I give you The Parish. Nothing different here from the other two, you just get a more epic Coffins/Winter sounding doom/death sludge on “Dark Days”, just as nasty and filthy as the other two bands, but this one is the darker side of it all. Killer riffs and slow Sabbathy grooves with growling vocals behind the mix sounding like a zombie in the background, topped off with a melodic stoner feel as well. Smooth and steady, melodic, yet every bit as aggressive and dangerous as the other two bands, The Parish polishes off this absolutely essential three-way sludge fuck as only the truly awesome could. If you can drink this one straight, you are one of the few and truly grimy…bottoms up !!!!!!

Janet - USA (5/10/2010)
Translated from Greek to English.

The difference between a split album and a collection is the number of bands including the number of pieces in which they appear. Split we have two groups, but rarely, as here, with three. The first in the order listed, originating in Wisconsin and describe their music as a drunken quarrel in a bar. They are right, and defused a large secretion of testosterone. The latter are named something rather provocative to the memory of some other people and we move in similar noise levels. They live and they said somewhere in the city and like EyeHateGod. In two pieces, one ten-minute, sound rather more exciting partnership. This presentation may seem incomplete, as it becomes clear the style of bands, but know that we are parallels to avoid pathological situations.

George - Greece
Andy Patrie Volume One (27/04/2010)
Hell yes, a split album that feels like some kind of body and not the grave robbing and shoddy stitching together of disparate parts. This is an alliance destined by genetics, and the riff is DNA, and to try and untangle one band from the other would unravel the whole damn thing. Desolatevoid ignites with their best opener yet (“-13”), and it’s as inflammatory and pissed as a urinary tract infection. “Reburn” rollicks like vintage Motorhead, if Lemmy’s vocals were being transmitted from the flight deck of the Event Horizon. Then there is the crossover snottyness of “Ungrateful Bastard,” blasting and then burning out into serpentine streaks over a pitch black sea. South Carolina’s The Last Van Zant catches the flame and nourishes it into Dez Cadena era Black Flag Sturm und Drang via quick blood pressure spikes like “Standing in Blood” and groovy numbers like “Way of the Future” with its nod to Obituary’s “Threatening Skies.” Their highlight has to be “War All the Time”: slow and tortured dirge giving way to guitars that seek for wings to lift. Appleton, Wisconsin’s The Parish snuffs the fire and douses the embers with their unique take on the doom/death aesthetic. Winter and Morgion they ain’t, but their sound is no less crushingly mesmeric, especially the latter of their two track contribution, and album closer, “Dark Days.” There’s no need to skip around the disc, no need to declare some kind of “winner,” and certainly no need to pick your poison. It’s already in your system; all that’s left for you is to press play and succumb. (Andy Patrie)

Andy - USA
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