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from part 1 (13/01/2009)
DESOLATEVOID charged onto the scene like a meth-crazed rhino with "Self Medicated Psycho Therapy", concocting a deadly mix of crust punk, southern metal, and sludge that at various points recalled bands similar to SOILENT GREEN and EYEHATEGOD. On sophomore album "No Sign of Better Times", the group picks up right where it left off with another whiskey-fueled and mentally mangled collection of tunes that will send the 'core scenesters running for cover.

"No Sign of Better Times" is the sound of a band that has gained confidence and honed its craft, even though the debut sounded like the guys had been releasing albums for the past 10 years. Vocalist Andy Howard once again puts in a rabid performance rife with the kind of psychotic screams one might hear from a man just released from the joint after months in the hole. His mad yowling, together with the amplified distortion of guitarists Brent K. and Mark Stolp, the bass buzzing bludgeon of Nick Carroll, and the kit rattling chaos of drummer Tim Smith, make for a delectably nerve frying experience. Howard's admission of "I woke up today with vomit in my hair" on the ode to substance-abusing obliteration that is "Cuts, Bruises, and an Empty Wallet" sums up the hangover that quickly follows the listening experience. Continued below

Scott - USA
from part 2 (13/01/2009)
DESOLATEVOID are particularly adept at creating a musical conglomeration of mass confusion and voltage overload that will get your drunk ass moving (but in an epileptic kind of way). Primarily, you will hear a mix of COC-esque southern strut crossed with SOILENT GREEN destructiveness (e.g. "Crimes against my Sanity", "Cuts, Bruises, and an Empty Wallet", and "Way Past Wits End") and metallic crust punk (e.g. "Isolation Embrace") in a way that is just plan riotous. The ability of the unit to effortlessly shift gears from breakneck romp to fuzzed-out mid-tempo boogie with riffs that'll straighten the neck hairs is matched by few. "No Sign of Better Times" is an album that demands your attention. Grab a copy and spread the word!
- Scott Alisoglu

Scott - USA
Fury! (1/08/2009)
If you would have told me that S.M.P.T. was only first gear I would have laughed you out of the room, but to find out its the truth is your revenge. DV added so many new dimensions to their sound in this album you have to wonder if the impending doom that they speak of is powering their intense fury. With easily the best opening track of any album in the past couple of years and the effortless flow of such brutality though the entire album it makes me wonder how many gears I have to look forward to.

MoeThirteen - Chippewa Falls, WI (1/05/2009)
This is one of the best releases I've heard on C.A.H. Records and any fan of Death Metal will appreciate this one. There's only eight songs on this release but everyone one of them in your face both musically and lyrically. Just have a listen to tracks such as ' Crimes Against My Sanity', 'Wreckage Of Yesterday' and 'Fucked And Furious' and then tell me there's no passion there. It's bands like Desolatevoid that keeps the Death Metal scene from staying stagnant. Apart from a well produced CD the packaging is also spot on.
This is certainly one CD for the collection?

- - UK
from Sounds of Death Magazine (17/11/2008)
9 Skulls
Rarely has an album come out that is more of a timely comment on the current state of affairs than Desolate Void’s No Sign of Better Times. Those of us brutally affected by the crashing financial markets, rampant unemployment and the general chaos of the modern day world will find plenty to sing along with here. Down-and-out anthems like “Cuts, Bruises and an Empty Wallet” and “Fucked and Furious” are bitter odes to the cold and indifferent society many of us have been forced to endure. Cranking out a slamming mix of brutal Thrash and Speed Metal mixed with a truckload of Hardcore attitude, Desolate Void are the raspy voice of the upcoming revolution! (DH)

David Horn - USA
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