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Maximum Rock n Roll Review (9/09/2008)
Sweden is reliable for consistent brutal D-beat, but every so often a band comes around that stands apart from the pack and does a little twist on that genre that kicks things up a notch. END OF ALL is one such band. They have the WOLFBRIGADE/SKITSYSTEM influence for sure, but also have touches of AT THE GATES and even the swedish death metal sound. This is on of the better bands from the country since MARTYRDOD. Awesome!"

MRR - USA Review (8/07/2008)
I consider End Of All to be one of the better bands to emerge from the the Swedish d-beat crust scene.

This is their third release on Crime Against Humanity Records. The first impression is classic for the genre: dark atmosphere, crushing d-beat, pummeling bass with downtuned guitars both melodic and heavy at the same time, vocals drenched with despair and approaching apocalypse…

The opening track kicks off with a short acoustic “medley” which transforms into a raging d-beat that stops only with another piano/ guitar “medley” in the last seconds of the closing track, completing the album and forming the whole circle.

The band is playing with melodic death, hardcore and d-beat parts (the Swedish way of course :) in an attempt to create haunting sound scapes – and they succeed in this, with the result being intense, heavy but catchy songs I simply cannot stop listening to.

My personal highlights on this album are: The Age Of Serpents, This Darkness Is Final and Hatet Ar Min Borg, where the last one reminds me about From Ashes Rise “Nightmares” era.

This is for fans of Ekkaia, Madam Germen, His Hero Is Gone, From Ashes Rise, Wolfbrigade, Tragedy, etc. In my book, this is so far this year’s best release in the genre, not easy to be beaten.

- - -
Razorcake Magazine Review (8/06/2008)
Definite Wolfpack influence here (an ex-member is in this band). Heavy and mid tempo
metallic hardcore with the stamp of Sweden all over it. Amid the darkness and heavy
pummeling dealt by the rhythm section there are strong tuneful currents flowing
through the songs. The dual guitars, at times, play off each other, one pushing
forward, the other creating a new layer with a melodic angle. The piano on "Sista
Vilan" was a great touch, ending the album on a somber note. - M.Avrg

Matt - USA
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