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SOD Magazine (29/10/2007)
A dripping slab of Swedish Hardcore, Massmord unleashes this latest effort (translated, the Cd title loosely means "without life, there is no death", which consists of 11 tracks of social upheaval and revolution. Band lyrics cover the lot, from another Bush hate song "Same Old Story, Same Old Shit” and a condemnation of capitalism "Inget Val" to an essay about the purpose of the punk scene "It's True, It's True" and the misunderstanding / medication of those who are depressed "Wasted Lives". Musically, Massmord fully embraces extreme hardcore with traces of punk rock, but the band also retains facets of melody. Carrying the bulk of the melody is the guitar, with the bass coming to the forefront to set down some groovy throbs while the drums pull back. There are two vocalists here, both screamers, although the female vocals add some nice spice to the histrionics. The combination of repressed melody and overt anger works well, given that the principal theme is one of the social despotism in its many guises. It's refreshing to hear hardcore returning to its punk roots, particularly when it comes to politically fueled rage.

SOD Magazine - USA
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