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Profane Existence Magazine (23/03/2008)
This came out back in 1998 originally and has been reissued to bite us all on the ass and wake us the fuck up once again! Those crazy metallic Swedish hardcore thrashers blast out 14 tracks of heavy as all hell noise on this lovely compact disc. They have their way with an interesting cover of the Black Flag classic "Rise Abive" on top of it all. You gotta love that.

Ken Ciderpunk - USA
Maximum Rock n Roll Review (15/06/2007)
Metallic Swedish crustcore heavyweights' 1998 full-length album, their fourth, gets reissued. The lyrics are fucking brutal and angry, fitting quite well with the nasty photo of a defensive hand wound on the cover. There's a serious amount of metal here, but it's the good kind of metal, with violent drumming and depraved guitar blasts that have you staring into the abyss with a hatred for the world. The traditional hardcore crust sound still dominates the music though, so punx will not be let down. If you're even remotely into Swedish crust, then you might want to check this band out. Good stuff.

nick - USA
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