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Profane Existence Magazine (23/03/2008)
This is another fine reissue from the folks at Crimes Against Humanity Records. These 13 tracks of brutal and angry fucking hardcore were originally released in late 2000. I remember buying the vinyl when it was new and being quite impressed with the output contained within. My Feelings have not changed in the least. Good stuff!

Ken Ciderpunk - USA
Maximum Rock n Roll Review (15/06/2007)
Next up in Crimes Against Humanity's DRILLER KILLER reissue series comes this behemoth recorded from 2000. I really don't remember this band being this good! Think the current wave of Scandi-beat warriors (old) WOLFPACK, SKITSYSTEM, and MARTYROD - with deeper, crust-growling vocals. The prodcution's great and the pounding never lets up to the bitter fucking end. This is beastly.

nick - USA
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