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C.A.H. Records - Frequently Asked Questions

 Question: What is the difference in size from a Youth Large Shirt to an Adult Small.

Answer: From left to right measured under the armpits a Small is approx 17.5 inches wide. A Youth Large is about 16 inches wide. From the bottom of the Neck to the bottom of the shirt a Small is about 23 inches tall. A Youth Large is about 20 inches tall.

Question: What does the "Points To Buy" on our site mean?


For every dollar you spend you get 1 pt. If you have a log in name and password you can login to see your total at any time. When you for example you have 150 pts you can put an order through my website with other items that you are paying for. The write in the comments section that you'd like to cash in 150 pts for whatever 7" you want that is 150 pts. I'll then include it in your order for free. This doesn't include wholesale items. 

Question: Can I get a Black shirt when it shows White on the site? 

Answer: No, The shirts are on the colors of shirts they are on cause they have been designed to be on that color. If they were reversed they'd look like crap. The shirts that look decent on both colors are shown in both colors on the sight.



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