Wartorn "Adolph Bushler7" Reviews

These guys bust out of the hart of Wisconsin, but they totally sound like they should be from Connecticut. This is raging scandi-crust similar to STATE OF FEAR, or ANTOHER OPPRESSIVE SYSTEM, but these dudes totally hold it down and make it their own. This is half of the members of WORDS THAT BURN (and ex-REMISSION) so you know that they know how to deliver the goods! This EP is a scathing pissed off punk rock attack at the war-monger in the white house, the war machine, and the entire system in general. This is fucking brutal, and they?re even better live! So check this one out!! (pe)

"That's a mouthful of a title and it depicts this Wisconisin crusty thrash unit's hatred for the commander in chief, as evidenced by the World Burns To Death-type cover art. Actually WBTD isn't a far fetched starting point just mix in a little Warcollapse and you have a potent Molotov of anti-state hatred. Strong debut, let's hear more." (Short Fast & Loud Zine)

This is good crusty punk, played at a rapid pummeling pace with gruff vocals and a deep heavy tone.  Ripping guitars and guitar leads in the right places and an otherwise straight ahead fuck yeah.  Short, simple anti-Bush lyrics and short as fuck songs.