Mesrine "I Choose Murder" Cd Reviews

"Amazing new CD from these sick Canadian masters of Aggressive, Intense fast death/grindcore!  In the same vein as their country mates Dahmer and Fistfuck.  They just seem to get better and more Brutal w/ every release!  Fucking great disc!  Recommended!" (Slug & Lettuce)

"Here is another release by serial killer phrancophocore obsessed grind heads Meserine.  Metal freaks, Hessians, and grinders check this one out.  Blasting grind/death in the tradition of Dahmer and other Quebecois bands of the sort.  Meserine is double bass induced guttural palm muted mutilated corpse cadaver grind.  I love how the singer sounds like he is saying ³Oui oui, ahhh! Ahhh!² on the songs.  This is better than anything out on Recrapse Records right now.  This is vicious hair twirling grind for all of you anti-socialites." (HEARTATTACK)

"I looked up Mesrine in the dictionary but I found no listing, so I can only assume it means BLOODTHRISTY FUCKING DEATH METAL because that?s what these four Canadian madmen blast forth with on the twenty deadly tracks that comprise I Choose Murder.  Much like Chicago?s Macabre, Mesrine names most of their songs after serial killers or mass murderers, giving the unsespecting listener songs like 'Gary Ridgway', 'Ian Huntley' and 'Charles Cullen?'. The comparisons to Macabre end there, however, as Mesrine attacks the listener with an unrelenting barrage of Death Metal riffs, drum blasts and low-pitched vocal roars that seem intent on shredding your ears right off your fucking head. This is pure fucking Death Metal played with power and conviction and an essential purchase for fans of over-the-top brutality." 9 Skulls (DH) (SOD Magazine #22)

"Fuck me this is one insane release - Well brutal Death Metal. Hadn´t a clue what the songs are about but I guess with titles like ´Gary Ridgway´, ´Dr Shipman´ and ´Shot To Death´ you get a pattern emerging here! There´s 20 songs in all and all as brutal as the last one. Fans of this genre will pretty much like this album as it´s raw as fuck! Production isn´t too bad so what all you Death Metal heads waiting for?"

"Is grindcore metal an actual musical genre?  If not it should be, and you could put MESRINE down as a classic example of what that genre is all about.  I think that fans of bands like DAHMER, or even EXHUMED would be into the relentless insanity that is ³I Choose Murder.²  20 tracks of unintelligible brutality that does their unreadable logo proud.  Good shit." (UGZ)

"Damn, this band just keeps getting better with every release.  When I first heard these Quebecois grinders on their split with DAHMER a few years back, I didn¹t think much of Œem.  They kept at it though; 2004s split 12² with DEPRESSION was great, and now this full-length is probably their best yet.  Not terribly original stuff, but so well done, with a great heavy thrashing guitar sound and killer riffs, the album stands on its own merit completely.  Reminding me most of HEMDALE, this is heavy, mean death/grind that never relents in speed and intensity.  The serial killer thing (every song is named after, and presumably about, a different serial killer) has been done to death (ha) by MACABRE and most everyone else in the genre, but still, fans of the genre are gonna eat this up like Jeffrey Dahmer with a teen from the suburbs."  (MAXIMUMROCKNROLL)