Legion Of Doom "A Planet" 7" Reviews

"Five tracks of raw and guttural crust punk from this band hailing from western Wisconsin. Side A contains two slowed down dirges with a heavy atmospheric sound of early Misery, while side B is three blasts of purely raw thrash not unlike early Destroy. A DIY punk masterpiece; this record was recorded and mixed in the basement of the Misery House, self released by the band, who also printed the covers and booklets themselves. This record has been awarded Mad Blast of the Month, not because it contains the most polished sound or profound statement, but because it truly captures the spirit of "do it yourself" punk." (Blackened Distribution "They made this record the "Mad Blast of the Month")

"A 6 song 7" of brutally intense crust/grind from this Wisconsin 3 piece. Imagine taking the best Destroy! songs and mixing them up with a touch of an Extinction of Mankind/Misery style and you'll have a good idea of what to expect from these guys. Lyrics are straight and to the point, covering topics such as environmental destruction, T.V./media control, the victims of war and more. Self released with a hand numbered cover and lyric booklet. Very nice!" (Catchphrase Recs)

"Compared to bands such as E.N.T and Disrupt, this is grinding crust from beginning to end. released on Crimes against Humanity records and hand numbered out of 1000." (Cathartic Dogma Distribution)

"Awesome crusty Doom influenced grind from Western Wisconsin! Pulverizing!(Mangelslakt Magazine)

"Yep, this Legion has comes to spread its crusty Doom again. The high end of the guitars are so painful due to a lack of mastering that I couldn't listen to this on headphones. That layer of fuzz can be used well, especially in crust, but it a little too brutal here. The songs are heavy and interesting and anti-technology (maybe they are against mastering, too). I wish I could enjoy them without the pain." (tobia jean, MRR)

"A wall of pure distorted noise. With symbols crashing, guitars buzzing, and throats screaming. All the shit makes for a solid, if not headache inducing, crust record. The only thing I'm wondering is why would they hand-number an EP that's "limited to 1000?" Is that what passes for rare? Still, don't think that I'm not glad to be one of the lucky 1000..." (Jay., Slug and Lettuce #65)

"Fucking brilliant crust, much better than their split! straight forward yeah." (Yellow Dog Records, Germany)

'Crusty hardcore punk from it's fucking capital, Minneapolis!!! fuzzed out bass, gruff shouts, and the fucking pissed off lyrics! as good as it gets. numbered to 1000" (Trafficviolition.com)

"Fast, crusty hardcore that, although recorded fast and cheap, still has trouble being contained within the grooves of this record. Each copy is hand numbered, and if you are a fan of PONTIUS PILATE, then you are sure to get off on this release." (http://www.wethepunx.com/seveninch.html)