Homoiratus "Apocalypse" Cd Reviews

"Whoa, I can't think of too many other noteworthy bands out of Greece these days. This is de-tuned death/thrash of the mid-90s variety, akin to MESHUGGAH, Roots-era SEPULTURA, or label-mates GROINCHURN, with tons of whiplash-inducing start-stop groove-riffing. What sets these guys apart are their excellent lyrical themes concerning the dangers of unchecked technological hubris, along with the normal criteria for a good record-good riffs and arrangements and a super-heavy sound. Definitely one for the metalheads." (MRR) "I've never heard of this Greek band before but after listening to this disc I can verify that this is probably the best goddamn death metal album I've heard all year.  This thing is just fantastic.  I'm actually a little surprised to see this pop up on Crimes Against Humanity.  I mean, the Warspite disc was very death metal oriented but this disc has so much groove behind it that it's unbelievable.  I really don't know who to compare this to.  It reminds me a little bit of Brutal Truth and even Jungle Rot (mainly due to the grooviness of the riffs) to an extent with smatterings of crust, dark melody and a just a tiny bitof industrial sounds.  The guitar style on this album has a really unique sound to it.  It's very staccato sounding and almost reminds me of what Helmet might sound like if they started playing death/grind.  The riffs are out of this world though and they continually jump out at me from song to song.  They just sound so unique to me and they choose all the right notes to make each riff hit like a fucking sledgehammer (check out the MASSIVE riffs on "Disintegrating Rotor's Authority" and "One Last Breath").  There are some melodic and acoustic sections that you can hear in the backgrounds that sound great (especially on "Age of Numbers").  The drumming is intense with a constantbarrage of double-bass runs and some blasting.  It's pretty flashy sounding and along with the deep bass groove it keeps their sound nailed down tight.  The vocals are awesome too.  Thick and deep growls that are actually pretty decipherable and they deliver some awesome, politically inspired lyrics that were instantly catchy and had me growling along in no time.  The entire band contributes vocals too by backing up the lead growls with a variety of screams and shouts definitely giving the band a bit of a crust/grind edge at times.  This is one hell of an album all around and probably ranks as my absolute favorite death metal disc in quite some time.  These guys are catchy and brutal and embody everything I love about all styles of death metal from insane grooves to straight out brutality with some nice touches of grind/crust in the mix as well.  If you're looking for some quality death metal you NEED this album right now." (Daredevil.de)