Head Hits Concrete "Thy Kingdom Come Undone" Cd Reviews

Mike Alexander, editor of Born Dead Zine, first came to the attention of UGZ about five years ago, via Greg Brainoil, when we were putting our first comp together.  Greg had played with Mikešs band HEAD HITS CONCRETE in Canada with the drum machine version of BRAINOIL that pre-dates Irašs involvement, and he thought they were awesome.  I soon was in agreement, and so itšs a good day at the PO BOX when we come across a package that contains a HEAD HITS CONCRETE release!  47 tracks of grindcore punishment from the streets of Winnipeg , and while most of this CD contains previously released material, chances are that itšs new to you.  CAH Records really came through with this release.  Cheers! (UGZ)

"Collection of EP, 10" and comp tracks-47 in total-yikes. The band's name does a pretty good job of describing the music. Crazed, out of control, herky jerky powerviolence; a complete aural bloodbath. It's nails on a chalkboard to me, but you thrash and grindheads will eat it up." (MRR) "Holy fuck, Head Hits Concrete is one intense band. 47 tracks of hardcore / grind mayhem. Tech minus the metal, just fast dischordant hardcore that doesn't let up. Intelligent lyrics cover power struggles, media manipulation and a lack of vital info, police brutality, men's responsibility in a rape culture, Ritalin and the ADD scam, religious hypocrisy and tons more. Thy Kingdome Come Undone features they split 7" EP, the split 10" with My Minds Mine, the self titled 7" EP, plus a a few live tracks and covers of Crossed Out and Heresy tunes. Fucking rad shit." (CD) ~HeartattaCk

"I've always wanted to hear this Canadian grind unit but somehow they've managed to evade me for quite some time.  Now, thanks to Crimes Against Humanity I'm in business as this disc compiles various tracks from splits, eps, compilations along with live and demo tracks and even more rarities.  There are 47 tracks all told and after listening to this disc I've come to the conclusion that these guys are completely insane.  This really isn't grindcore in the old school tradition, it's a more spastic and discordant animal.  First of all there really isn't any dual vocal action.  They rely on a vile, psychotic screaming approach that is very straight-forward and never lets up for even a moment of air.  The music is incredibly off the wall too.  It's fast as fuck with barely a moment of slow-down but even with that said the blasting and drumming speed isn't quite as fast as a lot of the grindcore I hear going these days but still this is a pretty speedy record.  They've got a real discordant edge to the guitar sound as well that reminds me of everything from the pure insanity of Gasp to "Calculating Infinity" era Dillinger Escape Plan with some more classically styled grindcore patterns in the mix as well.  There are just a lot of unusual riffs on this thing that remind me of everything from straight-up grind to punk to crazy hardcore/metal. The songs are all over the place to say the least and the material is so caustic and punishing that I just can't get enough of it.  If you've been looking for a good fix of grindcore this disc should do the trick and not only does the music kick ass, there's a hell of a lotof stuff on this disc that makes it ideal if you've been meaning to get into this band but have been having a somewhat hard time tracking down material by them.  If you like noisy punishing music that reminds one of everything from Gasp, Excruciating Terror, Ion Dissonance and Dillinger Escape Plan, then I highly recommend you give this disc a listen, it's a killer." (daredevil.de)

Pulverizing grindcore from Winnipeg, Manitoba. This Cd contains the Split with Bodies Lay Broken, Hope Fear & The Terror of Dreams Ep, the Split 10" with My Minds Mine, the s/t Ep, and a bunch of demo, live and cover tracks. 47 songs in total for 1 low price. Get it now!!!