Groinchurn "Already Dead" Mcd Reviews

"We have not heard much from these S. African grinders lately but its great to see them still, uh "churning" away!!! this is one of those quaint 3" cd's and its packed to the rim with excellently played grind and mammoth production. This kind of a small discography with tracks from 2 separate split eps as well as some unreleased covers by Brutal Truth and Bad Brains. Kicks Ass." (Short Fast And Loud) "OK check it, South Africa Grind Death! I have always heard of this band and read a couple of cool interviews so that already had me curious. Well I wasn't disappointed. Groinchurn do what they do. This is pretty much straightforward death metal with the usuals, growled vocals, blasting drums and speed picked guitars. This brings to mind older bands like Entombed. This isn't really "Modern" sounding only because it isn't like some of that over technical, and overproduced metal that is coming out these days. 9 songs crammed onto this little piece of plastic, 2 covers, one of Brutal Truth's "Kill Trend Suicide" and the other a cover of Bad Brains "Soul Craft." Also, a couple of live tracks are on here from a show in Vienna." (CF, Heartattack Magazine)

“This is a 3' CD with 9 tracks of tightly produced catchy Death/Grind with a pinch of crustiness. They use well written slower and mid paced riffs a lot before exploding into moments of mania. Vocals range from growled to screamed, though stay much more on the growled side of things for the most part, like the screams a bit better myself... There is some technicality in this, but it's used to create interesting passages, and not for showboating, on the flip side they also know when to keep it simple and utilize well conceived groove breaks. "Already Dead" isn't necessarily breaking the mold here, but these are all well written and enjoyable tracks with a lot of life and longevity to them. Some of these tracks were previously released on 7"'s or compilations, and there two live tracks (complete with live sound, though you can still hear everything pretty well). They also throw in a cover of Brutal Truth's "Kill Trend Suicide" and Bad Brains "Soul Craft" (both done well). I dug this, the tracks all stand on their own, some great riffs, and it makes me want to listen to Bad Brains... can't hardly beat that.” - (Scott Wormgear Zine)

"Here's a neat little 3" CD dropping around 20 minutes of Groinchurn's quirky South African grindcore. Most of these songs have been previously released, but the first three tracks were recorded during the "Fink" sessions, and the final two tracks were recorded live in Germany way back in 1997. I like these first three songs a little bit better than the other Groinchurn material I've heard just because the recording is a bit more even. It's still slightly raw (mainly in the guitar department), but the drums sound good, the bass is audible, and the mix is tight. Next up are three tracks from the split 7" with Warspite and one track ("Toadlee") from the split 7" with Woyczech. Among the songs from the Warspite split are two covers: Brutal Truth's "Kill Trend Suicide" and the Bad Brains' "Soul Craft". The recording here is on the thin side, but it's not horrible. It just lacks punch. "Toadlee" is definitely the best of the split material, it's faster and more energetic, the mix is a bit thicker and more balanced, etc. As expected the sound on the live songs is a bit messy and too distant, so I can't say they're really worth having, but. what the hell. Overall the writing ranges from straightforward blasting grindcore to slower riffing with a more rocked out vibe, or even some sparse melody on occasion. They definitely cover a lot of ground without ever hitting the three-minute mark, that's for sure. There are low vocal growls and higher screams, some classic hardcore/punk influenced riffing, pounding breaks, the works. Not bad at all. The layout is pretty good. The cover is simple: The band logo and a photo of a praying mantis. That's it. The insert folds out into four panels. There are some full color band photos, complete recording information, and the backside has a child-like illustration of a praying mantis. No lyrics are included, but the titles suggest sociopolitical content with a dose of sensible humor. I wish they had included the lyrics, though. I'd be very curious to see what's going on in songs like "Satan Spawn, The Idiots", etc. All in all this is a cool CD. It seems like more of a collectible type of release than anything, but the unreleased studio tracks are very cool, and it's nice to have a small amount of vinyl material compiled here." 7/10

"A cute little plastic disc with just over 20 minutes of brutal S. African grindcore. Groinchurn have a fairly good amount of releases available, with multiple full lengths and singles released on various worldwide labels and domestically in S. Africa. They are also most likely the best-known grind band from their area. This is a reissue of the S. African pressing, complete with bonus tracks and revised artwork. If you're into grindcore, and don't mind a produced sound, then there is a good chance you'll like this." (Slug And Lettuce)

"I clearly remember there was another Groinchurn release with the same title which was released by band's own label Happy Hamster Records but I have no idea whether this is the reissue of it or completely a new recording. Anyway, this 3" CD is certainly the smallest music storage unit I've ever seen. Luckily, the music contained is negatively proportional with the disc size for Groinchurn's grinding South Africore takes no prisoners. Compiling rare tracks from several 7" Eps and live recordings along with two covers from Brutal Truth& Bad Brains, Already Dead accepts no excuses for being indifferent. If you enjoyed Sixtimesnine, Fink, Whoami or one of their countless split Eps, you'll most probably want to have this in your property too." (Sonic Splendor #3)