Gaurithoth "Perverse" Cd Reviews

"9 Skulls - Finland's Gaurithoth plays - in the band's own words - Satanic Perverse Black Latex Metal, which is a new one on me, I guess. Despite the silly names (the vocalist calls himself Anal Master) and some of the song titles, Perverse simply rips. The style is, naturally, Black Metal, but this variation brings with it a sense of groove in the guitars and a dose of folk music that will catch you off guard but leave you most impressed. Joining the aforementioned Anal Master (Exit Wounds) on vocals is guitarist Hellboozer. One of these fucks spews the guttural ones while the other does a nasty rasp. But let's talk about those guitars again, courtesy of Hellboozer and Cunt Meister (Caledonian). The rhythms are traditional Black Metal: tinny, noisy, and resonant. Then there are the leads, which seem to ebb and flow out of the rhythms, retaining facets of discordance while somehow tapping into some really cool sounds. The rhythm section, consisting of drummer Perversor (ShamRain) and bassist Valgrinder (Bestial Devastation), is solid. As with most Finnish Material, there's a dose of hummpa (folksy polka) in the tracks. Hey, it ain't Korpiklaani, but you can still hear it. Lyrically, the band is pure Finnish, so expect the contents to be weird. Some of the tracks, such as "Huoravasara" (Finnish for whore-hammer) have been re-recorded from previous releases, while other tracks, such as "Daughter of Hell," are continuations of songs recorded in the past (this one is part four of "Satan's Bitch"). Far more aggressive than even Finntroll, Gaurithoth will curdle the Goat's milk. I'm sure that will really piss off Baphomet." (OR) (SOD Magazine)

Iım not a fanatic, but I love black metal, death metal, and all the other thrash hybrids of the genre.  So, when I get something to review that fits into one of those notches, I get excited.  This band from Finland throws down some mean-ass thrashing.  Taking a quick look at their website, they play the part with the white make-up, black eyeliner, and fake blood.  The music is the key here.  Itıs not all modern and down tuned, but straight-ahead pummeling.  With strong elements of punk in their mid-tempo parts, the single note guitar riffs that make the thrash parts sound evil lets you know that metal is where they want to be.  The screamed vocals are mixed up with the cookie monster growls.  The drummer sounds like a machine that is programmed to bash out beats with precision.  The guitars are bright in an Œ80s type of recording style.  I canıt see many fans of this genre to be disappointed by this.  (RAZORCAKE)

Raging European Black Metal from these masters of heaviness. A little like Impaled Nazarene, Gaurithoth explodes on their debut album of pure insanity.

Alright, buckle up, motherfuckers, it's time to be floored by the two latest masterpieces from Crimes Against Humanity Records. Seriously, this label has picked up steam in the past with its diverse roster of releases, but a couple from this latest batch really take the fucking cake. First up is Gaurithoth (Finland), whose debut full-length, "Perverse", throws down 38 minutes of their self-proclaimed "satanic perverse black latex metal", whatever the hell that means. Truly, these god damn black metal bands really need to cut the shit and realize that tongue-in-cheek humor is just not the way to go with this mess. I mean, this record absolutely shreds with perfectly executed black metal that blends fierce speeds and lightly dissonant midpaced fare with a dual vocal attack and a crisp recording. The shit totally smokes, I love it. But these friggin' jackasses all have inexcusably retarded "names" like V.W. Hellboozer, Anal Master, and Wargasmaster (to name but a few); not to mention a couple of similarly downright silly song titles like "Daughter of Hell (Satan's Bitch Pt. 4)", and that kind of shit just makes me cringe. I'm not totally clear on why they're calling this their "debut" album since they did an eight-track release called "Satanic Perverse Black Latex Metal" (there we goŠ again) in 1998 which seems like it'd be a full-length, but who knows? Either way, aside from painfully testing the limits of how much complete and total ridiculousness I can stomach, the music wins me over (okay, the cover art rules, too) without fail thanks to excellent songwriting and tight performances. Fans of the genre should eat these jams upŠ (

"This Black Metal band has been around since 1997. At first I thought this was a joke. With lyrics like ³Altar must be ready tonight. I must serve my Lord². They sound like lyrics coming from Gollum. Fuck they even sound like Gollum screeching out these devilish little numbers. But the band has had a number of releases out. This is their fifth release. And the band is in full costume dressed in leather covered in blood. And the band can pull off black metal really well, from what I can tell. It involves guitar that noodle to crescendos of extreme metal. The drums vary between rock beats and blast beats. The vocals are all throaty and scorched out. And the band plays a hundred miles an hour. I am out of my element here and wouldnıt even know how to begin comparing them other than they do remind me of SANGRAAL. Well it is not so strange to here a band like this come from Finland . Norway is close by for the metal cultural exchange." (Equalizing X Distort)