Diskonto "Watch Us Burn" Cd Reviews

A long running ³Dis² band from Sweden releases another one.  I have seen their name around now for over ten years, it seems.  But like many things in my life, I have not listened to or bought anything until now.  Thirty-six tracks on this puppy, with half of them being live.  I have listened to this release three times in a row now and I donıt seem to tire of it.  The lyrics are sung in their native tongue with the exception of their DRI cover, ³Money Stinks.²  At first, I thought the recording sounded too clean.  But, after multiple listens, it sounds refreshing and actually brings out some uniqueness in their sound.  What I like most about this recording is that they donıt follow the same road as most bands in the so-called ³Dis² genre.  The elements are there, but theyıre at their best when they straight-up thrash.  The songs sound like they can bore holes into concrete.  The band plays with precision and, in unison, changes the tempos from fast to faster and back to fast.  There were a lot of moments while I was listening where I would think that I would compare them to the first time I heard bands like Minor Threat or Out Cold.  The power is right in your face. (RAZORCAKE)

Hammering away for over eleven years these Swedes have still got it.  No letting up in speed and intensity, like a cross between ANTI CIMEX, DISCHARGE, and CONFLICT, this is an absolute monster.  Anti-war, anti-state lyrics in Swedish with explanations in English, 19 live bonus cuts including BASTARD and DRI covers ­ this is a treat in the sea of hardcore mediocrity. (MAXIMUMROCKNROLL)

More melodic this timeŠI dare say that DISKONTO might have mellowed a bit in their old(er) age (though the live set at the end of the disc shatters that theory).  Grade A Scandithrash.  17 songs, killer leads, hoarsely shouted vocals, but this time with a little more snotty teen punk angst in the delivery, a welcome diversion from the all out throat searing approach.  The songs here are better than any DISKONTO record Iıve heard, less generic (a problem with some of the earlier records) and more developed.  If you like the others, then I think ³Watch Us Burn² will floor you. (Slug & Lettuce)

"8 Skulls - Sweden's Diskonto continues to churn out quality Punk Rock with facets of Crust. Watch Us Burn  is crammed with spastic compositions full of spark and sustained energy. Skirting the Grindcore genre, Diskonto remains firmly in the Punk realm, in the process kicking the living shit out of most of the Hardcore out there. The deluxe version of Watch Us Burn  consists of 17 studio tracks, plus 18 live tracks recorded at Fellini's Uppsala. Drummer Jonas is a master of the D-beat, with bassist Rikard bouncing the woofer off the amps to create a sizzling, crunchy low end that is sure to leave ears vibrating long after the platter has stopped spinning. Guitarist Martin mixes it up, tapping into both Crust and Punk Rock to create a barrage of finger-twitching riffs and wailing solos. And then there's screamer Steffe, who has that high-pitched wail that reminded me of the early days of the Punk movement. Lyrically, the band performs entirely in Swedish, but the lyric sheet does include notes about each song in fractured English. The emphasis is on political issues that range from religious diatribes (the Bible as a political document) to humanity's penchant for forming organizations (although the band talks about the Punk scene, those in the extreme scene would do well to heed the advice also). In addition to original material, Diskonto also finds some time to rip on some covers, such as DRI's "Money Stinks," Bastard's "Misery," and Ravjunk's "Bohman, Bohman." If it's the Dis you seek, then look no further than Diskonto and Let Us Burn." (OR) (SOD Magazine)

"I have to start off by saying that DISKONTO are one of my favourite Swedish hardcore bands of all time. I have a few of their records but not the recent ones on the accessible labels from North America . So I was incredibly blown away to get a new DISKONTO release in the mail. Well not exactly new. This material was recorded in 2004, but it hasn't been released to my knowledge until now. 17 tracks of ripping hardcore that sound like it is about to go off the rails. Think DROP DEAD meets INTENSITY. And what do you know, this material was originally supposed to be for a split with INTENSITY. Anyway, back to DISKONTOŠthey play sheer fast hardcore with a vocalist that has one of the best shouting voices in the scene. And everyone says they play a d-beat. Well with a name like DISKONTO you'd think so. But the band starting in gest to the Swedish crust scene back in 1992. The crust scene back then was tough sounding and anti-pc. So DISKONTO thought they would make fun of the whole thing. So to say they sound like DISCHARGE is probably informed more on the thought that they might be a dis-band. To me they have more in common with the stop and start thrash sound of DRI. But DISKONTO play way faster with something more akin to DROP DEAD. And they rip through songs in that wreckless abandon exhibited by bands like INTENSITY and DS-13 of the current Swedish scene. And speaking of DRI, DISKONTO do a cover of "Money Stinks". That has to be my favourite DRI song. My old band was trying to figure out a DRI cover once and "Money Stinks" had my vote. So I am happy to hear DISKONTO do a cover of it. And they do an amazing job. The song kicks into overdrive from a vocal standpoint in the last ten seconds. It is like Steffe is doing a call and response with himself that is tightly edited. It just tore me a new asshole. For fans of vinyl, you can pick this up in a 12" format on Putrid Filth Conspiracy. But the vinyl doesn't have the additional 19 songs taken from a live show in Uppsala in 2004Šaround the same time that the first 9 songs of this release were being recorded. It is incredible sound quality and most times I didn't realize it was live. But then you would get Steffe throwing in things like "We are the people your parents warned you about" and "We are Diskonto and we are a punk band" amidst some Swedish ranting. It is fuckin' great. And watch out for a split LP with MASSGRAV." (Equalizing X Distort)

"You damn well better take that album title seriously! This is some seriously blazing, flame throwing, and spontaneously combusting D-beat-by-way-of-Minor-Threat Swedish hardcore crust punk. I kid you not when I say that Watch Us Burn is one of THE best hardcore punk (the real stuff, not the Hot Topic dung) I have heard the last few years; hell, maybe even longer. Listening to this bitch had me thinking of the fiery rage of Minor Threat crossed with the calamity of a crust-caked Discharge. Leave it to Crimes Against Humanity to bring such a ripping nightmare of thrashy, buzz-saw riffs, shrapnel-blast drums, and absolutely venom spitting, speed-freak vocals to the poor huddled masses. When the guitar drops out and the wonderfully sickening sound of an amped-up, motoring bass is heard, the impact is devastating. I'm losing my breath just writing about it. You can spend weeks wading through stacks of what passes as hardcore these days and never come across a disc as powerful as Watch Us Burn. Trust me, you won't even care that the lyrics are written entirely in Swedish (excluding a cover of DRI's "Money Stinks"). Oddly enough, each set of Swedish lyrics includes an explanatory paragraph about the song. Included are a variety of socially, economically, and politically relevant issues that are quite interesting. And when you think you've survived the inferno, a 19-song live set leaps out and slaps you across your fat, reddened, pock-marked face over and over and over again! At one point I heard mention of David Allan Coe followed by what I presume to be a few bars of one of his songs before the violence began again in earnest. The mix is strong too. Covers of "Misery" (Bastard) and "Bohman, Bohman" (Ravjunk) are also included in the live set. You simply cannot go wrong by picking up a copy of Watch Us Burn, and I strongly encourage you to do so." (Live4metal.com

www.cahrecords.com  Hell yeah! After just a couple of songs I can easily state that this is thee best Diskonto album so far.

They've pretty much always had a tendency for creating dis-loving crust, but this is by far the most vicious, ferocious and just plain raging recording to date. You all should know Diskonto by now, after numerous splits and albums - Bloody fuckin' käng! Highly political lyrics, definitely well-written and worthy giving a second thought to. Although quite simple lyrics, it doesn't feel like every other bands continuous standard propaganda. All the tunes are in Swedish, with English explanations to 'em. Well, all but one. Money stinks is a D.R.I. cover, and so the lyrics aren't included.

Dunno what else to say. If you've ever liked Diskonto you'll freaking love this. A must have for every dis-fan! 8,5 of 10 (My Last Chapter Zine)

"In some parts of Europe the late '80s are very much alive and kicking. Sometimes this means mullets, sometimes this means endless re-runs of 'Knight Rider', and in some occasions this means a return to the type of gutsy hardcore crust-punk not seen since whatever happened to Deviated Instinct happened to Deviated Instinct. Diskonto have been around for over a decade and they've really not changed, they still do all their singing in Swedish and they're still hailed as being the very personification of Swedish dis-crust despite their goal originally being to lampoon the genre. Given that this makes them a caricature of a caricature of a caricature, they probably relax between albums by boiling tofu, hand-printing fanzines and pogoing with lit cigarettes. 'Watch us Burn' isn't without charm; it's fiercely catchy despite the obvious language barrier. Stripped down hardcore fury is a tongue we're all conversant in, especially when helped along by Regurgitate's Rikard Jansson on bass and a blisteringly fast cover of DRI's 'Money Stink'. (Terrorizer Magazine)

Damn! We were waiting for a split 12" between Intensity and Diskonto and got a Diskonto / Diskonto split insteed when Intensity dident have time to finish there material. The material is made under two recording sessions and are just as powerful as you might expect these days from one of Swedens only standing classic d-beat bands! If you wanna here the sound of Sweden today as well as the sound of Sweden 10 years ago make sure to get this one! As always a brilliant Diskonto record! (Wasted sounds Records)

As always it's a real treat when I get my hands on a new Diskonto record - and they just get better and better with each fucking release! Thrashy old school Swedish high speed hardcore with the right elements of modern frenzy added. Half the tracks off this were initially meant as a split LP with Intensity, but that never happened. 16 tracks including a D.R.I. cover (Money Stinks) all nicely packed in a full color gatefold sleeve. (Attack! webzine)

Since the 90's Diskonto have been releasing blazing Swedish Thrash and with this new album they continue to do so. Their best album to date by far they continue to push the limits and have really recorded an excellent album. Diskonto have been touring for years (including 2 US tours) and continue to pummel crowds with their violent mix of Punk. They have formerly released records on Profane Existence, Six Weeks Records and more. Artwork by Crash Mag. Also featuring Rikard from one of those really popular Swedish Relapse Bands. I'll let you guess which one.

Cd version features a full 19 song live set from Fellini's in Upsala Sweden.