Desolatevoid "Self Medicated Psycho Therapy" Cd Reviews

Check out this desolatevoid Review in the current Metal Maniacs: "A leading label of the underground specializing in crust, powerviolence and all forms of audible crush, Crimes Against Humanity aren't far behind long-time forerunners like Prank, 625, Willowtip and, of course Relapse. With powerhouse crusters like Asschapel, Neuron, Diskonto, Misery and Groinchurn released via owner Nick Carroll's roster, finding his name next to the bass credit on desolatevoid's debilitating debut, Self Medicated Psycho Therapy, is of little surprise. Self Medicated Psycho Therapy rocks rough with the potency of a lead slug in the chest and the infectiousness of a quad-strength speedball. At a compact eight songs in length, this bastard is unstoppable. High-speed to just plain flying high, the tempos on Self Medicated Psycho Therapy fluctuate between contorted forms of metal, grind, hardcore, crust and sludge, easily traced to the likes of Aus Rotten, Toxic Holocaust, His Hero Is Gone, Dystopia, Agents of Satan and Superjoint Ritual. The band is justly influenced lyrically / conceptually by Eyehategod's swashbuckling escapades of Southern grit making this package of ditties worth your attention. This band's potent DIY approach doesn't end musically; the band sell this nut-buster cheap and appeal to groove and grime-seeking fiends of all shapes and sizes without pushing too many political standpoints down your throat. Self Medicated Psycho Therapy is so filthy; it left a dirt trail from my stereo to its case and black rings under my finger-nails. I need to Wash. (Dave Brenner, Metal Maniacs, Dec, 2006 Issue)

Lawdy, lawdy, cover your ears and protect your privates, DESOLATEVOID ain't foolin' around. That such a quality dish of battery acid and pit bull balls has been released on one of the premier crust punk and grind labels, Crimes Against Humanity, is not surprising. While "Self Medicated Psycho Therapy" is not exclusively a crust or grindcore album, bits of both genres are mixed into the putrid stew. Hell, there's enough crust covering this black-toothed sludge metal bitch to bake the world's largest apple pie. Consider an album that is anchored in a more straight ahead SOILENT GREEN, sucks the bone marrow out of EYEHATEGOD, and smokes up a little HIGH ON FIRE (the latter two both acknowledged influences). Maybe then you'll understand why this shit is too heavy for the candy asses among you.

"Self Medicated Psycho Therapy" is eight tracks that never lose the groove (though there is some dancing around it) and always give you a reason to go fuckin' nuts in the pit. The guitars of Patrick Sova (ex-ASSININE SOLUTION) and Brent K. have that SOILENT GREEN edge that brings to mind slit wrists and bone saws. Bassist and Crimes Against Humanity head honcho Nick Carroll joins drummer Tim Smith in ensuring that the rhythms remained textured and tight. (Incidentally, my only complaint is that the drum sound could stand more thud and crack).

DESOLATEVOID's secret weapon is vocalist Andy Howard, his throat rage moving from sandpaper barking to maniacal squeals. Just listen to the way Howard grabs the sludge groove of "Friend Placebo" by the balls and cues the shift to speed-kill with a blood curdling banshee wail. The guy is just sick (that's a compliment, kiddies). The tune includes a ripping guitar solo too.

Every song is a highlight and the moments of blood stained bliss are many. Let's point out a few. "Enduring the Curse" features a solo that burns flesh as a wah-wah rhythm guitar creeps along underneath. "Who Haunts Who" alternates between grinding stomp and speeding romp (and includes lots of Howard's bile-soaked freak croons). Well, shit, you should have gotten the gist by now. Prove you're not a featherweight and buy the damn thing. - Scott Alisoglu (

Get ready for the heaviest album of 2006, Desolatevoid's "Self Medicated Therapy" is a bruiser that will leave you battered up and wanting death! You definitely hear the Eyehategod influence as well as rock n' roll parts similar to High On Fire. All in all, a total essential album! (2006) (Century Media Records)

While most metal is super-compartmentalized, these guys from Wisconsin don't seem particularly concerned with niche. Sure, the EyeHateGod shirt one is wearing in the album photo says a lot about where they're coming from, but there's a real loose feel to this disc and a lot of tempo changes... not on-a-dime technical psych-out changes but rather "Let's slow it down... Now let's boogie!" kind of changes. The greasy, almost bluesy power chords are stoner-ish, but it's rarely slow, ranging from a funky mid-tempo through rock and hardcore speeds up into some black metal slow blast beats with tremolo picking. I imagine these guys are more the type to prepare for performance with brew and weed  rather than stressful exercises with a metronome. The drums are sloppy and strangely funky, making for some weird beats in "The Quest of the Idiot" and "Enduring the Curse" (sounds like a song about couples who refuse to have sex during menstruation. Get over it folks!), and a pretty wacky fill going into "Who Haunts Who", a song that makes excellent use of tempo changes to develop a simple riff and make it rock multiple ways. The selling point of the band, though, is the crazed screeching of the vocalist. This style is a little bit like Alan Dubin (Khanate, OLD), but where Dubin focuses on a theatrical delivery to make most use of the space afforded him in the ultra-slow Khanate, this guy, Andy Howard, has developed a damned remarkable control of resonant frequencies. It's like he's got a sweep knob in his throat, allowing him to filter his gargly screams almost like a Tuvan throat singer. A lot of guys sound like you're just hitting one button on a sampler: "scream. scream scream scream. sc-scream." This technique means he can transcend that boring one-sound style and achieve a range of harsh textures you'd be more likely to find in power electronics, but with the instinctive, natural delivery of vocals, and the ability to form lyrics... not like you can tell what he's saying when does this, generally. Towards the end of "Who Haunts Who" it sounds like he's wobbling his Adam's apple with his hand while screeching for a "demonic goat" sound. He also uses other singing styles, like raspy bellowing and talking in a low supervillain voice, the latter of which is quite disruptive and annoying. I mean, does he have to let out big fake "hahahaha!"s? It's one of those cases where unless (or even if) the lyrics are amazing, it's not going to work, and the lyrics in those parts sound inspired by "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. While this band can get down and rawk and they sound like they're having fun (and I bet it's a good live show), I'd love to hear Howard's freaky screeches in some other context or side project, like something experimental, or even just a black metal disc. (

An interesting Grind/Stoner band, Desolate Void mixes facets of Death, Doom, Punk, and Southern Fried Rock into an eclectic mix sure to leave many dumbfounded. Yes, this shit is heavy and somewhat brutal, but there's a lot of eccentricity and smoke to keep things off kilter throughout this listen.

The band's official debut, Self Medicated Psycho Therapy is nowhere near as fast as most Grindcore, but the emphasis on the heavy and the groovy comes through distinctly. Bassist Nick Carroll (Legion Of Doom) gives this outfit a thunderous low end while guitarists Pat Sova (Asinine Solution) and Brent K churn out some psychedelic licks and googly riffs. Vocalist Andy Howard is all over the place, his throat spewing Black Metal screeches, Death Metal gurgles, Punk-driven shrieks, and shit seemingly inspired by Rob Zombie. The Punk anthems really come though on tracks such as "Who Haunts Who" and "Trying to Cope," while the Southern Fried shit is everywhere. Then there are tracks like "Friend Place 80" and "Broken Bones & Bullet Holes," both of which take a wrong turn and venture into the psychedelic world of Bongzilla and Spirit Caravan. And it's the spirit of the "Sweet Leaf" that really permeates every track here. This juice is definitely spiked. Ingredients include facets of Black Flag, The Misfits, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Sleep, and even Jimi Hendrix. I rather prefer the Stoner shit, but that's personal preference. Make sure you know what you're getting into before letting this one take residence in your spinner. (OR) (SOD Magazine #23)

This weird, ultraheavy hybrid of crustcore, death metal, and swampy sludgecore comes off like a more death metal version of Soilent Green, although without the complex, angular riffing that Soilent Green is known for... and then mixed in with powerful High On Fire -style black-toothed sludge rock, Eyehategod's drugged dirge nihilism,, and blasts of ferocious D-beat speedcore. This stuff is crusty and utterly mangled, ugly as sin and without anything that could be confused as melody. Sloppy and raw as befits this type of scum grind, these eight tunes are loaded with stoned grooving riffage and a fucking weird vocal assault that sometimes sounds like the singer is swallowing the mic and shaking it like a pittbull, a bizarre maniacal shriek/growl combo that sounds totally inhuman. Nasty! (

Desolatevoid play a brand of sludgy metal. The bands pull influence from the likes of Eyehategod, High on Fire, Bongzilla, Black Flag and a list of others both classic and current. According to the band themselves, the album features a blend of hardcore, thrash, grindcore, death metal, stoner metal and black metal that will pummel your inards like the blunt end of Paul Bunyans' axe. Sounds fun. Desolatevoid also features Nick from Crimes Against Humanity Records on Bass and Pat formerly of Asinine Solution on Guitar.

A professional recording that sounds awesome and album mastering by Bruce Templeton who masters the Melvins can pretty much guarantee you one hell of an awesome album. This is so original it's destined to be an instant classic. I've never heard anything like this.