Beyond Description "A Road To A Brilliant Future" Cd Reviews

"Damn, talk about an ass kicking!  Japan's Beyond Description won me over right from the start with their unrelenting assault on the senses.  These guys unleash a vicious attack that combines brutal crust punk, grind, thrash, hardcore and just plain metal into one hell of a sound.  The tracks are short and fast with no punches pulled.  The riffs fly by quicker than a stealth bomber and every one of them is memorable, guaranteed to stick to your brain long after listening.  The rhythm section is tight and keeps things nailed down while the vocals are mostly an excellentmid-ranged growl/scream with some gang style back up vocals going on at times.  I just love the variety of sounds on this thing and how they manage to pack in a lot of cool little change-ups into the relatively short songs.  The guitar work is great anddespite the riffs being fast as hell and mostly rooted in crust there's some great nods to classic metal here and there.  There's some quick guitar leads in both "Belief" and "Wander" that are straight out of old school metal and the album has some really cool melodic elements going on as well.  This is an excellent release from start to finish right up there with some of the best that Crimes Against Humanity has put out.  If you like Urban Raw Head (who share the same label), I highly recommend you check this one out.  If you dig that whole crossover crust/thrash sound that mixes in all kinds of different elements this is a must have.  Excellent release with a great layout and packaging." (

Sick shit indeed.  BEYOND DESCRIPTION deliver 15 shots of metal influenced thrash hardcore that has crossover elements that bring to mind eighties bands like DRI, and overt metal elements that reminded me of early nineties greats like SEPULTURA.  The overall energy is pure hardcore, and the recording sounds hot, which reminded me of a more current band like CRUDE.  I¹ve enjoyed every release from this band, and ³ A Road to a Brilliant Future² has the riffage to hold its own with any of those previous releases. (UGZ)

Whoa, BEYOND DESCRIPTION ­ ­ are back on the map with another blast of simple, but high-speedy, forceful and driving, razorsharp thrash. If I¹ll ever have to explain the term ³thrashcore², I¹ll play these 15 attacks of pure aggression to the person who asked. Perfectly executed thrash, which is frenetic plus (!!) unforgettable, cannot be done any better ­ word!! Buy or cry!!

"Full-throttle speedy thrash from Japan - fuck, this record rules. This is archetypal thrash, quintessential crossover, a perfectly balanced mix of metal and punk. It's still mostly thrash in a punk sorta way, but the cut-off jean jacket vests and BC Rich guitars make it clear they've been listening to their Nuclear Assault records too. Metal riffs, punk riffs, double kick, high energy, 1-note two-second guitar solos and lyrics in Japanese - what more could you want? Fans of DRI, Municipal Waste, Strong Intention, etc will definitely dig this." (Maximum Rock N' Roll)

"Another quality release by these Japanese hc/punk thrash veterans. Quality, clean recording, but not overproduced. Recording really fits their sounds, to capture their fast thrash punk assault, mixed in with traditional Japanese hc parts with ripping solo's! Gets real up-tempo at times. Lyrics in Japanese, but the booklet included English translations for you crackers out there. I really think this is a Japanese band that often gets overlooked in this sea of hype." (Slug and Lettuce Zine)

"B.D. plays ultra-heavy, crossover, thrash-styled punk rock. Each song is quite formulaic in its approach to the sound, but retains a catchy yet metallic energy that is powerful with feeling. With good lyrics that are well translated from Japanese to English, and a nice album layout with cool cover art, this is a great album all around. I haven't heard much crossover thrash, but I think these guys play their own version well." (Heartattack Zine)

"This Japanese Crstu-Core - Dabbling into straight up metal at times - is some crazy shit. There are nice breakdowns, psycho fucking guitars, and the standard grunts and moans. Socially relevant lyrics in Japanese are poetically written like lessongs in life. "You may sometimes accept a situation against your will for some reason, but you must not depart from your principles." (Maximum Rock n Roll)

"Japanese thrash that isn't getting the recognition of the more trendy variety such as Gauze or Deathside that N. Americans are shitting themselves over. This was a reintroduction to the band of sorts for me, being the veteran of the Fine Day Nostolgia Ep and nothing else. Gone are the sublime Disrupt / Doom crust bits, but suprisingly, the mad corssover thrash has survived and remained as powerful as it was in 1995. There seems to be a different bass player and drummer than nine years ago, but all in all, Beyond Description have stayed true to their path of outrageous thrash destruction." (Born Dead Zine)

"Another slab of Japanese metallic hardcore/punk from Crimes Against Humanity, here a bit faster, rawer, and slightly more typical than Urban Head Raw, but that's not a bad thing at all. There are still a few solos, some ripping crossover/thrash metal rhythms, and the vocals are midrange yells. "Smash" has some quirkier rhythms and basslines that stand out (though it's not one of the finer cuts here), "Route" has a really unexpected melodic passage just prior to a quick little lead burst, "Stir" starts out like a traditional metal track before plowing into more driving sort of hardcore/punk chord progressions, and "Energy" is somehow more memorable and almost a little catchy. There's no great variety or anything, but the songs are short and focused so it's not a bland set of tracks or anything like that. Aside from the fact that the vocals lean just a smidge too far out front, I think the recording is awesome. There's enough definition to the bass, the drums sound totally natural, the guitars are fine, etc. The mix of the instruments is dead even and cohesive, and the slight edge of ruggedness is perfect for this style. The last three tracks are bonus tracks and surprisingly have a slightly tighter and clearer sound, which is even better. Stylistically they're right along the same lines, too. The layout's not bad here. The cover painting is a little weird, but there are some cool color live photos (where the band looks quite metal), the lyrics look cool and appear in both Japanese and English, etc. The content seems to be an even mix of loose socio-political commentary and personal issues, with nothing getting overly specific or anything. This is a cool CD. It's pretty brief, and it's nothing that will blow you out of the water, but it's very well executed and enjoyable. I'm definitely keen on this whole tactful meshing of thrash metal and hardcore/punk, so I'll look forward to hearing more." (

"I got frightened right at the beginning because the atmosphere was so heavy metal. There are riffs to mosh with hair swinging in the air and thereÕs even some heavy use of double bass drum before finally we get some good old japcore roar where the words are spat or almost thrown out from the vocalistÕs mouth. And then comes a guitar soloÉ Its metallic hardcore indeed. When itÕs plain and simple its very good and the vocalist is great, even though those ÒaarrgghÓ shouts at the beginning of some songs sound a bit silly. Whenever the band falls into metal riffs I begin to feel sick. However, IÕm always cured when they get back to their straight hardcore beat. This seems to be continuous up and down hill for me. If you like both hc and metal, there are at least two good reasons to get this." (AH)

"From the "No War, No Terrorism" slogan that adorns several parts of the liner notes here, it is apparent that JapanÕs Beyond Description believe in something. Yet, from the first thirty seconds of opening instrumental "Tempest" it is clear that something is not truth in advertising. Not only are Beyond Description not "beyond description", actually they can be described in one word, as long as the writer adds the requisite amount of capital letters and exclamation points. That word is: THRASH!!!

With a song-writing approach not dissimilar to Seattle garage-punkers Zeke combined with sleeve-worn influences from DRI, Cryptic Slaughter, Doom and even early Metallica and Sepultura, the 15 tracks that compose A Road to a Brilliant Future go for the jugular with reckless abandon and urgent momentum. This album has 2 speeds: fast and faster, and due to this pace it would be hard to guess where one song ends and the other begins if it were not for the occasional brief (but uplifting and well-placed) guitar leads that serve to break up the fist-banging mania at times. The lyrics are sung in Japanese (w/ English translations, appreciated!) and rather than staying political all the time, many of the songs deal with personal development in a boldly simple way, while the songs which are political are not preachy or melodramatically contrived but direct and honest.

While nothing ground-breaking, A Road to a Brilliant Future genuinely resurrects the spirit of '80s cross-over which this writer admittedly has quite a weakness for. If you share my love of that genre and era I heavily recommend you give Beyond Description a chance. They are fast and pissed."
[John Gnesin] (Digital