Asschapel "Fire And Destruction" Cd Reviews

"Tennessee's most violent act unleash their actrocious debut full length fury strongly influenced by ACME or Systral with strange black metal / punk lyrics, something in vein of Amebix or Axe Grinder. Very grim and full of hatred 12 disturbing songs of high speed violence that blast through the barriers of punk and metal. Another over the top cyclone of grinding, blasting and explosive intense screaming vocals over catchy, yet complex guitar and rhythm work. Very in your face. This album will shred your head if you want this, you should try. Great stuff and awesome artwork." (Violence Zine)

"It looks like Tennessee's own Asschapel are out to punish your eardrums with some thick and meaty songs that layer in lots of gloomy metal riffs and a shitload of rumbling low end power. There are plenty of time changes as they pull together a boiling pot of grind, crust, metal and punk influences. Sharp growling vocals bark out some hilarious (or horrendous depending on your view) lyrics that read like a cheese metal lovers dream. I mean just check out some of the songs titles liek "The battle Axe", "Carcass Bloody Carcass", and "The Sledgehammer Assault". Regardless, I like it and you should too." (Short Fast & Loud Zine)

"Full on raging apocalyptic, metallic hardcore. The title says it all. This is burning, full of heavy metal imagery with songs that tell tales of epic battles, holy wars, and ultimate sacrifice. Musically reminiscent of His Hero Is Gone and Sepultura for the faster stuff. I hate to make comparisons for a band that is this good. A true lesson in violence and brutality. Check 'em out, not all "Ass" bands are alike." (UGZ Zine)

"I have to say that this is a pretty incredible Cd from Asschapel. Their brutal attack of apocalyptic metallic crust strikes a furious blow from start to finish. Musically they take the very best from Morbid Angel, Amebix, Antisect, Jeniger, Tragedy, From Ashes Rise and carry a similar axe attack to that of the Dagda (or even My Name Is Satan). Brutal guttural vocals, heavy duty riffage and savage bass strokes. Although this is not toe tapping stuff, they have a totally rhythmic effect where I was toally hooked for the duration of this disc. everything around me just disappeared and I was transfixed on Asschapel and nothing else 0- for a Cd to do that on me, considering I have listened to so much generic crust / d-beat music over the years, is something to rave about. Lyrically their words could be lifted from any fantasy (Lord of the Rings type stuff, not porn) novel as there is a lot of axe wielding and blood flowing, though I'm sure there is a deeper meaning. The Cd booklet is excellent, with cool photos and lyrics. The photos remind me of an old Amebix video I have, lots of dry ice etc. Anyway, this Cd is incredible, so make sure you get it." (Direct Hit Magazine #3)

"Damn… talk about an improvement. Their last disc wasn't bad, but this one is a million times more furious and energetic! The songs are all short as fuck (few hitting two minutes) and contain nonstop frantic drumming with pounding basslines, crushing heaviness, and insane vocal layering from all directions - screaming, growling, yelling, you name it. There's even a thrash metal sort of tinge happening in there! Overall this is much more metallic, but there's still a dark hardcore edge not only to the vocals but some of the discordant chord progressions and such. But god damn, the songwriting is so much better on this CD, I'm really blown away. They've just nailed this ferocious, driving tempo, with grinding drums, thrashing guitars, some wild leads, a few plodding chord progressions that gallop along at a nice pace, etc. The recording is sort of raw, but it's thick as fuck and there's absolutely no separation in the mix, everything is really warm and meshed right together with no gaps. I like it. You can make out what's going on, but they keep a certain dirtiness to it that really works. The bass tone plays a very important role too, which is fucking great. I'm not really sure why there's a 24-page booklet, since all they do is type lyrics out in a large font and give each song its own page amidst shitloads of live band photos that basically look the same, which seems like a waste of money to me, but the cover art does look slick. The lyrics are pretty damn over the top: "Fuck serenity, Fuck everlasting peace, Fuck eternity, Set the fire, Burn the world down, Rip its fucking heart out, The future that I see screams in dying harmony…" Good work. Absolutely check this out if you liked their last record. Don't be fooled by the band name, this shit is indeed all about destruction." (

"Chris and I went to the pointless fest a few months ago. Now this metal head is pretty fuckin opinionated when it comes to music, so needless to say there were only a few bands I really wanted to see. Regardless, I kept an open mind and enjoyed almost all the bands (Inepsy's Venom tinged charged punk was a pleasant surprise!) so what does this have to do with Asschapel you may be asking? Simple, as Robert and I hung out in the corner (yes he stayed in the same spot for 2 days!) we would talk about new music. Knowing my proclivity for death metal, he told me I NEEDED to check out Asschapel. "Stupid fucking name" I said. "They're death metal and don't know it," was his answer. So, trusting his judgment, I was pleased to see a copy of this record arrive within a week of being home from the fest. I promptly snatched it up and played it. Holy shit!! If Robert ain't right on the mark! Well, not exactly. They are not a death metal band, but fuck if they don't have a large leaning towards it. Let me make an analogy. There is a band from Belgium called Aborted. They're a death metal band, but they stand out amongst the sea of mundane bands because they break out of that mold and incorporate different styles of heavy music within the death metal framework. On a side note, anyone who shares my musical taste should definitely pick up a copy of Aborted's "Goremadgeddon the saw and the carnage done." Anyhow, Asschapel does the same for hardcore. They are essentially a hardcore band in the vein of the Tennessee Diaspora (Tragedy / From Ashes Rise), but they are so so so much more. They incorporate death metal, rock, and kick ass hardcore into a stew of brilliant music that I can't stop playing! I've done the test. I get paid to play metal Cds and drink beer at metal Mondays here in Richmond at a bar, and I have played this Cd for the staunchest, close minded to the point of "If it isn't metal it's weak" metalheads, and everyone who has heard it wants to know who Asschapel is. Nuff said, but this today." (Slug and Lettuce)

"Here's a Tennessee band aping Tragedy, at least during their first impression. Multiple singers, mid paced charged with dark, angry super-riffs that threaten to roll over each other, sending each song careening off a mountainside. It's a pretty powerful effort for a four piece band. Lyrically, Asschapel bring forth a wretched, blood-soaked battlefield where pain and destiny meet in a final revenge. Doom-ridden D&D geek imagery for sure. I think this record would work better for me if it was 1 or 2 songs shorted, but this is good music." (Born Dead #4)

"This Lp is a brick in the face. Definitely blunt force trauma to the skull. Maybe a crushed rib cage will suffice. Asschapel lays down 12 tracks of sheer metalized head banging destruction. The music is an onslaught of dual vocal screams, think Slayer like triplet palm muting and thick riffage, double bass drumming and break neck punk beats, this all can only equal one thing... death. You can even get a taste of that Nashville sound a little in the songs structure. If you ask me Asschapel is way more manic and musically charged then most bands that are out right now. Asschapel is a musical force to be reckoned with. The intensity of the music carries on from song to song like a berserker in the midst of battle who effortlessly swings his axe and is covered in the blood of his foes. It is he alone who stands victorious upon the wasteland. Follow the fist and see these maniacs live; you would have never thought that these friendly guys from Nashville could unleash such unholy destruction. This album receives 9.5 points out of 10. This is the shit. There is a Cd version from Crimes Against Humanity Records." (Heartattack Magazine)

"Another ass kicking Crimes Against Humanity release, although that shouldn't be surprising, considering that this label hasn't put anything out but amazing releases thus far. This is my first experience with Asschapel and goddamn is it a good one! This 4 piece from Tennessee kick out 12, killer crust/grind anthems with plenty of straight up metal influence in the mix as well. This is such a catchy and brutal record that I can't get enough. Some might complain that its over too fast but this album is so damn good I can just hit the repeat button and listen to it straight through a second time. Now's that a sign of a great disc! Everything is played fast as hell with a few midtempo breaks in all the right places The drumming is excellent with a lot of cool, tricky sounding signatures while the blazing guitar riffs cut with knife like precision. The vocals are great as well with plenty of depth. They use a nice mix of harsh screams, growls and gruff shouts to keep you off balance at all times. Asschapel are incredibly tight in all departments and I imagine they put on a vicious live show. Despite all the insanity of this record it is chock full of melody and catchy guitar work that will stick with you for days. This is one of the best hybrids of grind, crust and metal that I've ever heard and is not to be missed by all fans of this style of music. Outstanding work with great, full color layout and artwork. I can't wait to hear the follow up. Once again another winner on Crimes Against Humanity that receives my highest recommendation." (

"This is Nashville's answer to Legion666 if Legion666 had O.d.'ed on His Hero Is Gone and started a Cursed tribute band. Sweeping riffs played at a fury over low end doomishness. Swedish guitar riffs played like the buzzing sound of a japanese kamikaze fighter plane's propeller. Cascading drum rolls coupled with Slayer riff riding. A mess of apocalyptic double bass mayhem and thundering tom action. And judging from some of the photos in the Cd, their live show with smoke filling the stage looks like they take their metal seriously. But the sound is uniquely derived out of the Tennesse sound that has inspired so much emo-crust lately." (Equalizing X Distort)

"Simply put, this fucking rips! I wasn't exactly sure what to expect from the album name, but being on Crimes Against Humanity, I knew it would be fast and furious. I definitely wasn't disappointed. Asschapel are straight ahead go for the throat hardcore punk with more then just a little bit of metal in their sound. Fast power chord riffs, are followed by extremely heavy riffs with guttural roars spitting over top. You could almost say there is a bit of a thrash type vibe running throughout the bands sound. It's almost equal parts Discharge, and equal parts Venom in delivery. That said, I'd say Asschapel are definitely a fairly unique band though. It's a genre that's been done before, but they really don't sound like any one band.

Did I mention before that this band is fucking HEAVY? Seriously, forget about all of the tough guy moshcore bands around. This band is heavy without resorting to chugging on a downtuned low E string. It's all about a tremendously huge guitar tone, loud distorted bass, and pounding drums to shake your face off while you rock.  The vocals add to the chaotic nature of the band as well. For the most part they are incredibly throat ripping rasps, but they also use the odd guttural death growl from time to time. It's great to see a band being heavy without resorting to any of the many cliches being thrown away these days. You can rest assured you won't hear one damn Swedish death metal sounding riffs on this album, and that my friends is a good thing.

I seriously wouldn't have asked for a better production for this album. It's heavy, yet has a raw quality to it that definitely suits the style of the band. It's tight and powerful without being overproduced. I'm definitely glad they didn't opt for an extremely raw production. It might fit some crust bands, but these guys have way too much metal influence in their music to have a sloppy and raw production. It sounds fucking good, so play it loud!

If the idea of Venom butting head with Discharge or Doom sounds appealing to you, check out Asschapel. Now all I have to do is figure out exactly what the name means....quite an interesting name." ( )

"Asschapel, who are from Memphis, TN, blast through 12 tracks of hard-charging crust that has hints of metal showing up throughout the songs. There are a good variety of tempos found here, and the production is super heavy, matching the deep and brutal throat-searing vocals. The lyrics could have only come from somebody who apparently plays way too many hours of Dungeons and Dragons while listening to Manowar. Try this on for size: "We stood for seven days in rain / We left the seven tired cities slain / When the wind screams through the streets over rose-red soaked concrete / Grasp the blade of might / The dull steel forged by fire / The blood will spill as you unleash your hate and kill / I'll drag you down to where our souls die." (Maximum Rock N Roll)

"This really isn’t normally my thing, but I liked the MP3 at, so I thought I’d give this album a shot.  This is thrash metal for Scandinavian HC thrash lovers, and it is nothing short of incendiary.  This is a great blend of both points of view.  The metal doesn’t get in the way of the intense fury because the song writing is so solid.  It isn’t overtly simple, but it doesn’t muddle itself down in musical masturbation either.  The lyrics are senseless death metal gibberish, but in this instance, with this level of insane thrash, I can overlook that hapless fact.  The production is nearly perfect.  The screamed, throaty vocals and the instruments compliment each other well, and the end result is a solid wall of energy." (Zeno Marx, TDF)

"Metallic" in that un-metallic, un-lame, borderline thrash metal kinda way (you know more of what I mean than what I'm failing to convey). The fucking CATCHINESS of these songs ("FOLLOW THE FIST" is my fave on the disc) is fuckin' phenomenal! Misanthropic and bare-knuckle when it needs to be, but never butting horns with the screechy & speedier half. They're not afraid to use the jubba-jubba either (and to great effect without delivering cheese). It's a familiar sound, but ASSCHAPEL belt it out with the energy the genre ("not hardcore") calls for. A smattering of kisses for the bitchin' color cover and layout to boot! Ace production, not too clean with a dry edge." (Violence Zine) (Se@n)

"12 tunes of blazing hardcore / thrash that is on the boarderline of metal at times. All the songs have titles like Unholy Destruction, The Sledgehammer Assault and so on. You get the idea. These guys don't disappoint. This is one kick ass CD. It even comes with a thick booklet too. These guys are scheduled to tour Europe soon. If you don't live in Europe I'm sure you can catch them in their hometown of Nashville, TN! Either way see them if the opportunity arises. Now go buy this CD." (Razorcake Zine)