Agathocles "Alive And Mincing" Cd Reviews

"This is a great live album by these grindcore, or should i say mince-core, veterans. These guys have been playing this stuff for over 15 years and still have high energy and rip the audience to shreds! They play a good range of songs, form their earlier stuff until current, which is a good thing, since I think sometimes a band can get too caught up with their new material and forget about playing the stuff atht people first got into... But this Cd is really good! It's a great recording for a live album. The drums are heavy as hell, and the guitars, bass, and vocals are all quite audible. This would be a good Cd for someone who hasn't heard them before, because it's a compilation of a lot of material from past to present, and since they put out many Eps and Lps in small quantities, this caputures that material well. Heavy grindcore by the ones who invented mince-core... Awesome!" (Heartattack Zine)

"These guys have been around for so long, I cannot believe I still never saw them play. Here however we have a recording of them playing live in Wermelskirchen, Germoney, 2000 (the next best thing!). Though pretty crudely recorded, everything is there - and particularly if you’re a fan of the Belgian 3-piece’s “mincecore”, this just adds to the whole listening experience! 28 songs of gruelling grind (and a poem), from the masters of filth encrusted heaviness. I only wish I had been there to witness the slaughter!" (CV)

"Long running Belgian mince-masters, Agathocles, return with an excellent live recording from late 2000. Twenty-Eight tracks of punk-metal-grind-hardcore destruction, AKA "Mince-core," as only Agathocles know how. Fans will need this for their collection; newbies will find a decent place to start into the band's vast catalog." (Maximum Rock N' Roll)