Accion Mutante "The Complete Discography" Cd Reviews

Full frontal stench crust spanning the last decade.  33 tracks from both singles, the BASALT split and the ³Ghetto Europa² 10-inch.  Unrelenting distorted fucked up mess of a band that takes all the elements of dreadlocked crust mayhem, speeds it up about 15 times normal and adds a throat searing vocal attack (the growly crust guy dueling with the unintelligible death metal guy to the ever loving death).  Honestly, I get tired just listening to this disc, though I have virtually all of these tracks already, and have already listened to them dozens of times.  Grind for crustiesŠor perhaps politics for speed obsessed grind freaks?  Either way, sign me up. (Slug & Lettuce)

"Whoa, this is some seriously intense grind/crust-core.  I remember when their first EP came out back in 1995 and how much I was into it.  I havenıt listened to them in a while, but it didnıt take long for me to get right back into it.  This is some blazing shit that falls somewhere in between EXTREME NOISE TERROR and DOOM.  Political lyrics, crushing vocals and of course there is a DISCHARGE cover!  Seek out their vinyl or just make it easy and pick up this CD." (MAXIMUMROCKNROLL)

"With European crust-core mainstays Accion Mutante celebrating their centenary last year, D-beat/grind hotbed Crimes Against Humanity have quickly unveiled this, an exhaustive discography CD, collating all of the bandıs 7ıs, MCDs and compilation appearances upon a single, 33-track collection.  Worshipping at the holy crust triumvirate of Discharge, Extreme Noise Terror and Doom, Accion Mutante arenıt reinventing the wheel in any fashion, yet ultimately succeed in creating an impressive racket.  With raging political diatribes backing up by raging high-speed crust, ŒDecadeŠı never gets boring despite the totally generic nature of this style.  The progression shown throughout the discography is nil but we get raging crust from start to finish, including a version of ŒThe Possibility of Lifeıs Destructionı.  Itıs also prudent to point out that it was impossible to play this CD until the smudged fingerprints were wiped from it.  Crust indeed ­ all hail the great unwashed." (Terrorizer Magazine)

"This is the definitive and complete Accion Mutante discography from CAH Records. Ten years of skull smashing, extreme crust from Germany. This disc features 33 tracks of all Accion Mutante's 7"s, Flexis, splits, 10"s, and benefit compls. It also included photos and complete lyrics. Accion Mutante's pulverizing speed and growling vocals compliment their intelligent social/political lyrics. This is an excellent discography especially if you're missing some of the earlier of out-of-print releases. This discography is guaranteed to grind your face off." (Profane Existence)

"Here we have a whole lot of crust/grind hardcore from these long running German crust punks.  Thirty-three dread-swinging, fist-banging anthems for the metal punks to get wild over.  They are definitely tight and good at what they do, though the grinding voice did get a bit stale after 33 tracks, but whatever, itıs still rockinı music.  As the word discography in the title says, this has material all previously released, then collected onto one mighty disc, including comp tracks and bonus covers of GG Allin and Discharge.  Cool for the crusties and their ilk." (HEARTATTACK)

"One of the perks of doing a zine is that every once in awhile youıll get a record in the mail that you are stoked to hear.  A record that you would have bought if youıd seen it in a record store first.  Most of the time this is nowhere near the reality, but in this case it definitely is.  Iıve heard that these guys are a fairly sloppy live band these days, but sloppy is relative, and they seem plenty tight enough on the recordings that comprise this discography.  German crust is in full effect here, and ACCION MUTANTE takes it to its limits, combining grinding hardcore with political lyrics that are classic, yet seemingly sincere.  A decade of decay?  Hereıs to ten more years!" (UGZ)

"Ghetto Europa² opens with a sample of a gospel choir and breaks into some d-beat inspired grind, which takes a mild interlude into a SUBHUMANS-esque reggae part.  Itıs a little schizophrenic and is the band just showing off their repertoire or their open mindedness.  Iım not sure.  But judging by the liner notes, the bandı sole purpose was to make crust.  So maybe they think this develops the crust genre.  Maybe the reggae is a tribute to REAL REGGAE out of Japan? But the liner notes express extreme crust.  The bandıs self-proclaimed influences are DISCHARGE, DOOM, and EXTREME NOISE TERROR.  I hear the latter two in their sound.  Throw in some NAPALM DEATH and ACCION MUTANTE is what you get.  Germanyıs answer to these stenchy grind stalwarts.  The band has loads of material out for the period between 1994 and 2004.  There is a fold out of all their releases.  This CD collects 4 EPs, 4 comps, a mini CD, and a 10².  This CD also has the bonus of a GG ALLIN cover and a DISCHARGE cover.  If you love the a bass sound that sounds like a bulldozer, if you love the hollowed out cookie monster shouting, if you love the buzzsaw distortion on your guitar, and if you love a drummer that plays a galloping pace while playing the whole kit, then ACCION MUTANTE are the band for you.  And they are tight sounding like 324 or Y." (Equalizing X Distort)

"You ever heard of these guys? I hadn't... until now. It's usually a pretty good bet that whatever comes from punk/crust/grind label Crimes Against Humanity will offer at least something of value. Accion Mutante is a German crust punk and grindcore band. Decade of Decay includes every song ever released by the band during the decade noted in the album title, as well as a couple of bonus tracks. What you get is 33 tracks of fuck-off punk nihilist nuggets and anarchist grindcore riot starters. Mostly sung in English, with the occasional German lyric, there is a lot to sink your teeth into on this one. Not surprisingly, the style comes directly from the Schools of Discharge, Extreme Noise Terror, early Napalm Death, and any number of similar punk and grindcore bands. Metal-edged, usually crust covered, and always furiously performed, Decade of Decay flows rather well as a complete album considering that the collection consists of everything from compilation tracks to splits to tape (yes, tape) compilations. Tunes from the Ghetto Europa 10" (which includes the Up the Metal Punx "DIY MCD") are among the most brutal and acidic. The song "Ghetto Europa" (sung in German) begins with a snippet of Elvis Presley's "In the Ghetto" before shoving the listener's head right into the shitter. A kind of bastardized and crusty reggae part crops up before the song heads back to speedville. Tunes from the same collection, such as "Who The Fuck You Think You Are" are as burly as they come. Something about parts of "Dead Dream" had me thinking in terms of Minor Threat's "Out of Step" (though in a dirty as fuck, grindcore kind of way). Other tunes that caught my attention include the "Fuck Authority" bonus track, a rather catchy little shit thrower. Alternating the grindcore growls heard on much of the disc with a snotty crust punk vocal on tracks like "Geburt Eines Neuen Gottes," (from the Maschinentrauma compilation), "No Hope" and "Religious Fuck" (both from the Die split 7") work very well. In fact, "Religious Fuck" takes the DKs "Religious Vomit" and runs it through a meat grinder. I was not surprised to hear that "What a Wonderful World" includes part of the actual Louis Armstrong song (gee, do ya think the band paid royalties?) before turning the whole goddamn thing on its grind-punk head. Fans of the music described above would do well to pick up this album for the measly $8 that CAH is charging for it. It'll keep you fat and happy (and probably stinking from BO and cheap booze) for a good long while." (

"This German Grindcore band reminded me of early Napalm Death and Extreme Noise Terror. There´s 33 tracks on this offering their 10 years history. Some songs are sung in English and some in German and all pretty much political. Again production wise is pretty spot on for this DIY label and the booklet which comes with this package has all the lyrics with some pretty cool photos. Yeah not a bad release at all."