Accion Mutante "Who The Fuck You Think You Are" From the album "The Complete DISography"


Agathocles "Chop Off Their Genitals" From the album "Alive And Mincing"


Asschapel "Unholy Destruction" From the album "Fire And Destruction"  

Audio Kollaps "Ballet of Death or Ice Age" (I can't tell for sure) From the Cd "Music From An Extreme, Sick World"  


Beyond Description "Belief" From the Cd "A Road To A Brilliant Future"  

Cripple Bastards "Being Ripped Off" from the album "Your Lies In Check"

Desolatevoid "The Betrayer" From the album "Self Medicated Psycho Therapy "  

Despite "No Promise of Tomorrow" From the album "No Promise of Tomorrow"  

Disgust "Dust To Dust" From the album "The Horror of It All"  

Diskonto "Men Varfor?" From the album "Diskontography"  

Diskonto "Handla Innan Pengarna Tar Slut" From the album "We Must Burn"  

Driller Killer "Tomorrow" From the Cd "Fuck The World"
Driller Killer "Jaws" From the Cd "The 4Q Mangrenade"
Driller Killer "Breaking Traditions" From the Cd "Cold Cheap & Disconnected"
Driller Killer "Scream Suffer Die" From the Cd "Reality Bites"

Effigy "Choice of Darkness" From the split Cd with Hellshock

End of All "One Night of Silence" From the Cd "Same Shit But Different"  

Extinction Of Mankind "Axe To Grind" From the split Cd with Misery  

Facedowninshit "Doused" From the Cd "Shit Bloody Shit"  

Gaurithoth "Priesthunt" From the Cd "Perverse"  

Groinchurn "Already Dead" From the 3" Cd "Already Dead"  

Head Hits Concrete "Execution Police Style" From the Album "Thy Kingdom Come Undone"  

Hellshock "All Is Well" From the Split Cd with Effigy  

Homoiratus "???" From the album "Apocalypse"  

Insuiciety "Beautify" From The Cd "Believe And Die"

Massmord "Same Old Story, Same Old Shit" From the Cd "Ingen Liv / Ingen Dod"  

Mesrine "Kosse" From the Cd "I Choose Murder"  

Misery "Bulldoze" From the split Cd with Extinction of Mankind  

Misery "Born Fed Slaughtered" From the Cd "Early Years"  

Misery "Bomblast" From the Cd "Production Through Destruction"  

Neuron "Faschistenstaat" From the Cd "Gleichschritt"  

Phobia "Break Through Walls" From the Split CdEp with Skrupel  

Pisshead Blues Band "Detox" From the "s/t" Cd  

Remains of the Day "Under A Banished Sky" From the Cd "An Underlying Frequency"  

Remains of the Day "Drowning" From the Cd "Hanging On Rebellion"

Skrupel "Punk or Farce?" From the Split CdEp with Phobia  

To What End? "Kasserad" From the Cd "Concealed Below The Surface"  

To What End? "Forl Jugen" From the Cd "The Purpose Beyond"  

Uncurbed "I Don't Belong" From the Cd "A Nightmare In Daylight"  

Urban Head Raw "Deep Sorrow" From the Cd "Human Instinct"  

Warspite "Eternal Hate" From the Cd "Gallery of the Macabre"  

Wartorn "Blood On My Hands" From the Cd "In The Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy War"  

Wartorn "Adolph Bushler" From the (Sold Out) 7" "Adolph Bushler"  

Wolfpack "No Neo Bastards" From The Cd "Allday Hell"  

Words That Burn "66 6-Pack" From The 7" "Profit$ of the Chri$t"  

Words That Burn "Xenophobia" From The Cd "Spawning Ground For Hatred"